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02 November 2021

10 Major Benefits Of Custom Magento Development For Your eCommerce Store

In today’s era of the digital world, there exist 3+ billion websites, where online users give you a profitable business. Out of many online business industries, eCommerce website industries are prominent one.

People love online shopping as it costs them less and saves their time!

Out of millions of websites in the online shopping industry, Magento powers hundreds of thousands of sites. The custom Magento development services in USA have gained outstanding popularity in the last few years.

Magento eCommerce development market share is 17% in the top hundred thousand websites, which makes it a popular website builder for making online shopping portals.

Many businessmen and entrepreneurs credit Magento for increasing 10 to 80% sales in US.

After Shopify, Magento is the 2nd popular e-commerce website builder in 2019’s with 2,50,000 merchants. If you have plans to launch an e-commerce venture in 2022 then begin by using the Magento website services.

Why Magento Is An eCommerce Tool?

Magneto is well-known for integrating the digital and physical experiences of the customer and can also be used to make Cloud-based multi-channel solutions. Those solutions are widely used in managing technologies, retail associates, and in-store, etc.

The custom Magento theme development and custom module development offers you with cost-effective e-commerce website whichever type of business you want to run. Magneto is a promising fully-featured website development tool and currently is used by many people around the world.

To satisfy all your eCommerce website related needs, Magento supports OOP (Object Oriented Programming) as a result it is an open-source platform based upon MVC (Model View Controller) architecture.

It is a developer-friendly platform that enables optimal UI, proficient programming, and offers easy-to-use eCommerce website building facilities. As a result, a person with less knowledge in Magento development can also access Magento easily.

To use Magento, you don’t need high-level quality programming. Additionally, you don’t have to learn new programming languages. Magento solves your every eCommerce problem quickly and efficiently.

Therefore, in this blog, we have decided to share 10 major benefits of custom Magento development that can encourage you to build an eCommerce online store for your business.

Let’s get started!

Best Customization Tools

Magento is a developer-friendly eCommerce website builder that offers seamless navigation and saves an ample amount of time. Adding new codes to develop efficient eCommerce solutions is possible as Magento’s core is based on PHP.

With its use, you can easily customize your site with flexible and scalable customization tools as per your design needs. The customization tools of Magento enhance the shopping cart’s functionalities and helps in easy management of web pages, content, products, etc.

Automatic Responsiveness

Most of the eCommerce transactions are carried out via mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. Half of the internet traffic comes from such devices. As a result, automatic mobile responsiveness is really required in eCommerce solutions.

And Magento provides responsive eCommerce solutions through the use of HTML5. Also, supports griding, image scaling, drag-and-drop facility, and many other standard eCommerce features.

You can surely think of Magento as a top-level eCommerce website development platform that can seamlessly handle all devices.

Magento Is A Highly Secured Platform

Any online business fears of cybersecurity threats, hacking activities, and virus attacks. Thus security of any online business website is important. Website security is the priority.

The growing cybersecurity breaches are a big concern for the eCommerce website owners. security is a big concern for the eCommerce website owners. To fight such breaches, we have Magneto with us!

To help you out with your concern, the Magento eCommerce development platform offers top-grade security and the best data encryption to carry out the transactions easily.

Not only these but Magento development services provider commits you to keep your data safe, secure, and encrypted. All thanks are to the Magento security features!

Multiple Stores & Language Support

There are many eCommerce development companies that use Magento to operate their businesses. Magento allows multiple stores, multiple currencies, and has multilingual capabilities that have made its market-wide and approached a number of potential customers.

It is always important to think about customer requirements and what they really do want from your services. Here in this case, you can look at the following Top 8 Magento development trends to make your Magento websites more effective for attracting people online.

SEO-friendly & Favors Digital Marketing

When you compare other eCommerce development platforms, you will find that the Magento PHP framework has its own in-built digital marketing assistant that analyzes, manages, and increases the website traffic.

Additionally, Magento suggests meta tags, URLs and keywords that are SEO-friendly, sitemaps, etc. If you are looking to make online profits at your website, then focus on indexing your website by improving SEO.

Migrate to the Magento website development service now!

Scalability, Flexibility & Speed

Magento is one of the fastest eCommerce platforms around with high page loading speed. The same goes for scalability and flexibility. Some stores need more, some need less resources. The high scalability, flexibility & speed are the reasons why Magento fits best for the eCommerce business.

Magento Is Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, mobile devices like smartphones, tablets are more useful as compared to desktops and laptops. As a result, 50% of website traffic comes from mobile.

Therefore, it is mandatory to make online business mobile-friendly. In the case of Magento website development, Magento allows combining those iPhone/iPad & Android applications which have an HTML5 interface. This way dedicated Magento developers can develop mobile-friendly eCommerce websites easily.

In Magento, you can have mobility attributes easily for your website.

Provide Robust Inventory Management, Customer Segmentation

The eCommerce business model needs strong inventory management, best online marketing strategies, store management systems, and customer segmentation. Magento provides powerful APIs, tools, routines, protocols, online stores, etc.

This entire set of functionalities in Magento helps the website owners to understand human behavior to run online business 24x7 such that business sales increases.

The new version of Magento, i.e., Magento 2 is now super easy to use with a single admin panel while providing better management systems of eCommerce online stores.

AI And Chatbots

AI and chatbots are the new realm of technologies slowly and gradually taking over businesses. In the world of eCommerce business, AI and Chatbots are now termed as an integral part that channelizes the growth of several eCommerce businesses.

As this technology is in direct contact with online shopping stores, marketers get great help in predicting future business and establishing a personalized shopping experience among the users.

Out of many benefits of Magento, the integration of AI and chatbots is an important one that may attract the users to use Magento development services to their advantage.

Magento’s Community Is Huge!

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