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24 January 2023

Website Ideas 2018 to Make Money (Business & Startup)

Are you looking to do the website ideas 2018?
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You have an idea of starting your own business, but you don’t know how to start with. How to choose right niche and direction? Most probably you have already read many stories of successful startups. So let’s see the latest trends in terms of goods and services that will be in great demand in 2018. In this article we will try to put some light for the aforesaid and offer some interesting ideas for websites and businesses in 2018.

Selling Goods

If you prefer having business in e-commerce, I would recommend you to pay attention to the following positions, which have gained popularity in 2017 and most likely will be of high demand in 2018. Of course, popularity of cryptocurrencies is raising thus bitcoin exchange software are becoming more popular.


Drones are extremely popular nowadays. Before they were used mostly for entertainment purposes, but now they help small and large business with their services. In my opinion, Drones’ potential hasn’t been fully revealed yet. As Google Trends services shows, they will continue to gain popularity in 2018; therefore, there is a chance to earn good money of it.


Many of you will ask me ‘What is it?’. Matcha is a green tee powder. It contains many useful microelements and is very healthy. While people are trying a new product, you can get additional revenue from its sales. As it could be seen from the dynamics, the popularity of Matcha will grow in 2018.

Fitness tracker

This gadget came to our market several years ago and every year its popularity shows good growth. It is really encouraging that many people spend more time for healthy lifestyle. I have some friends who use the Fitness tracker and they are incredibly happy. This is a great trend for the next year, where you can earn some money.

Summing up:
As you see, some goods can show an active growth of their popularity and high demand. It is important for you to choose a niche and start selling. In order to do this you will need a small online shop and contracts with the suppliers. You can get more information on the best CMS system to choose in our article about e-commerce trends in 2020. Everything depends on the number of goods and your budget. E-commerce sites should have convenient navigation, payment system and SEO optimization.

Personal services

If you are a gifted person, you could offer your services through own website. So let’s see examples of businesses that could be launched with a minimal budget. Remember, whether you start a small personal services business or delivery, prepare a fresh logo for your customers to recognize you. If you don't know how, read about logo design trends 2021.

Baby sitting

You will be able to get requests from busy parents through your website. Pleasant and clear design along with user-friendly navigation will gain more trust from users. It is preferable to create a block with previous customers’ feedbacks and reviews. Moreover, you should have some skills in raising children and it is desirable to have certificates. License is not required up to a certain number of children. You will certainly earn some money on it since nowadays parents should spend more and more time at work.

Lawn mowing

This business does not require large investments. You will need a professional website, a lawnmower and a car. I would recommend placing on the website not only customers’ reviews but a portfolio. So that your potential clients will see how the lawn looked like before and after. Pictures of high resolution will gain more trust among users.


Why don't you make money of event organizing if you are really good at it? It is necessary to plan everything wisely and control processes. The website and graphic design in 2021 should be clear and festive. Customers reviews are the must-have for it

Wholesale Cooking Services

There are many startups that have been created on the basis of this idea. Everybody wants some food several times per day therefore, tasty and of high quality food will be of great demand. Moreover, it is possible to find you niche in this business and offer food for diabetic or sportsmen. For this type of business site should have bright colors, high resolution pics and looks really appetizing. It would be great to have a video of happy people who are unpacking and eating food of your company.

Swimming pools cleaning

Swimming pools owners usually order services of professional pools cleaning. This business requires special skills and detergents. Still, it is not that hard as it seems to be. For website developing use blue colour and clear design.

Summing up:
Website is like your business card. It promotes your services and brings new customers. Still, all work is going to be made by you and your employees. It is of high importance to develop an efficient website for such projects. It should be trustful and stimulate users to order your services. And our company does have great experience of making websites that bring lots of profit for their owners.

Niche Websites

Site could work autonomously, bring you money and there is no need to make something else. You could take a big project as for example and make it for narrower target audience. Let's look at some interesting ideas for websites that will be popular in 2018.

Job search for medical staff

There are lots of site for job searching. They aim to hit all possible fields of expertise. So, you will be able to succeed if you will start working with the only one niche. So that, companies could pay you money for placing job offers in medical field.

Website for comparing freight prices

Market of freight is extremely large. People order goods from different countries all around the world. And cost of shipping could be significantly different. Moreover, you could get lower price if you allow them to ship your goods 2-3 days later. It is quite difficult for an ordinary user to make an analysis of all companies. Instead, they could pay you a fee for using this service.

Website for Helper Search

Often we need to do some housework: fix the faucet, refrigerator, and roof, wash the windows, replace the floor covering, etc. And it is really convenient to have a website where I could find such specialists, read previous reviews and estimate their rates. And specialists will be glad to have some money of this part time job.

Niche Network

What about creating a community for a specific audience? For example, for active people who are keen on a healthy lifestyle and do fitness, go to the gym. They have many common interests, like effective trainings or proper nutrition. People will be able to communicate, share opinions, experiences. It is possible to run advertisements of gyms or sell sports goods at the same time.

Platform for Hand made Wooden Artworks

A website where people can sell handmade wooden artworks. Many people got no idea what kind of gift to present to a friend or boss. Unique products made of wood or glass can be an interesting option.

Summing up:
Niche websites do not require direct management of their owner. These sites work autonomously and bring regular income to the owner. It is important to design the project properly for making it user friendly and useful. Find out how much the website costs in our last article. We have vast experience in developing niche websites. If you have an idea, we will be happy to help you with its implementation and offer the best possible solution.

SAAS Platform

Do not get nervous if you got no idea what is this. It’s quite simple. SaaS (Software as a Service) is a model of using a website as an Internet service. You create a service where users will pay a monthly fee. This idea is more complicated comparing to the last ones, since it requires some skills. You should understand clearly what is of great demand at the market. If you understand the needs properly, you are able to get 1,000 - 10,000 subscribers. So having a minimum tariff plan of $9.99, your monthly profit could be $9,990 - $99,900. Good bargain, isn’t it? Let's have a look at some ideas for SAAS platforms.

Task management for sportsmen

Every sportsman has a training program that should be performed. The platform will allow composing and marking performance of the exercises, analyze progress dynamics, and offer an individual diet.

Advertising Companies Management

Marketers spend a lot of time managing all the accounts on social networks. They publish posts, review comments, and estimate the results. This is an all in one platform which will allow you to manage and analyze the results in one place. Obviously, it cannot replace Google Analytics, but it can complement it well. Many specialists are willing to pay hundreds of dollars per month for so useful services. This is a niche product with a limited audience; therefore, the membership cost could be much higher than the usual SAAS platforms.

Finance Management System

It is of great demand for middle size companies. It allows users to manage revenues and expenses in a company, build graphics, calculate main financial indicators (ROI, ROR, TCO, etc.). For its creation good skills in financial field are required. As in previous one, the product has a limited audience, but membership can cost several hundred dollars.

Summing up:
The SAAS platform has many phases of web development; therefore, it takes a lot of time and resources. Still, at the same time, it can bring great profit to its owner. We have already developed several SAAS platforms that helped their owners to build a successful business.
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