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09 June 2021

What New Trends Will Appear in 2022 in the Software Testing Sector?

Software testing is getting more important year by year. Today, this job is not only about finding bugs or developing a product, it is also about analytics too. For example, first the testers do the research of the idea, than they try to think theoretically about some negative aspects which might influence the product, and after that they estimate the users’ interest. To do all this job in a comfortable environment, they use sort of a software testing trends.

What types of testing will be used in 2022?

The world of software testing today is trying to find a solution on how to complete a full test cycle in a nick of time. It is important that speed does not reflect on quality. The technical requirements are a lot more demanding.

This makes classical testing methods outdated. However, more sophisticated and reliable trends of testing appear. In 2022 treads will be only involve high technology methods.

Artificial intellect usage and machine learning involvement

Artificial intellect (AI) allows computers to learn on their own, by using the previous experience gained.  They follow the requirements that were set, and can rapidly analyze the situation and solve the task.

Recently, informational technologies started using artificial intellect more often. Moreover, they combine it with neural networks. To simplify the process, they use machine learning actively, which allows AI to learn by analyzing a couple of solutions to the similar tasks.

All these aspects help to software testing on a completely new level.

Furthermore, the developers get a bunch of advantages.

  1. QA teams use the artificial intellect method and this allows them to make test cases. The advantage is that no people are needed to control this process. In addition, artificial intellect deletes same test cases to make everything even faster.

  2. Artificial intellect can create and develop a matrix for organization and task requirement tracing. As a result, the area of testing is bigger, and the outcome is more detailed.

  3. As machine learning can process a giant amount of data got from users’ reports, AI can analyze and forecast things rapidly and on a high quality level. This means, that an issue can be found and fixed before it spoils the system.

  4. If you combine AI and machine learning, you can organize a process of a fast and precise issue finding. This method also traces the operations and other thing that are going on within the application, that might cause some issues in the future.

All these factors allow the testing teams to do a complete project analysis. The productivity level and the quality of the processed code is incredibly high. The user interface experience is also better.

Automatization level increase

Since the artificial intellect and machine learning are developing swiftly, the quality assurance teams (QA) get a lot more space for actions. They can work on a variety of experiments and bring new ideas, without a need of a deep dive into software testing and the process monitoring.

The development specialists and analysts say, that in the future the number of automated processes might be unbelievably high, this may cause some trouble for the testing teams, for example, they won’t be able to start all the operations. A huge number of automated processes might impact the speed, and the projects will release slower. So, some experts say, that it is necessary to use only those methods which will really make the things go faster.

Automatization can not substitute manual testing for some elements. Generally, this concerns everything related to user experience. If a tester tries to automatize the processes that have certain issues, it might lead to some serious negative consequences.

To conclude, I’d like to say that the attention will not be on the automatization in 2022, companies will rather focus on a conscious choice and combination of manual and automated processes.

CI/CD testing usage as a type of automatization

You will barely find a company not interested in CI/CD today, because this helps them improve and optimize their business.

Continuous Integration (CI) is  unceasing integration, a Continuous Delivery (CD) — is unceasing supplying. This instrument is related with DevOps and Agile. By the means provided, the developers are able to complete all the business-project requirements, they also can improve the quality level and code safety. All these features are a result of ceaseless work of all IT systems of the project.

The idea of CI/CD is that each step of software development  is tested by a variety of automatic test cycles. Then the code is checked separately to find and fix the issues.

What makes CI/CD so great is that the issues are found before the final, release version of the project. This is excellent, because the testing cycle is faster, and if something need to be improved no backups are needed.

This trend is actively used since the beginning of 2021. The results it gives, make this option a trend for 2022.

TCoE as an upcoming trend

The IT technologies sector is waiting for many years to get the Testing Centers of Excellence (TCoE). However, it is hard to give any details about it at the present time. Analysts and testing experts forecast that this method will spread rapidly at the start of 2022, so it will obviously be a trend in software testing.

Testing Centers of Excellence is sort of a structure that finds and integrates different methods for high quality standard testing.

These types of structures allow the organizations to integrate a new tester into any testing team, to increase the effectiveness and testing cycles speed. Moreover, the work is not stopping. TCoE also provides:

Focusing on improving the productivity

High productivity always meant the successful growth of the project. In the past, developers and testers focused on this feature.

As the world is moving forward they need to control other features too, such as:

As a result, testing now is not limited with checking the functionality only. Since 2021, the developers dive into all the aspects to improve each feature. This means that in 2022 QA teams will become universal soldiers, and they will be able to trace every software component.

Leading and organizing IoT testing.

Internet of Things (IoT) is based on combining all the objects in one network, this is why it is called internet of things. This concept was being developed for quite a long time. The 5G network played a crucial role in making this type of testing popular. It increases the processing, receiving, and transferring speed, which lead to a more secure work.

Now, the software testing teams are getting ready for using this method. The main reason for it is that special and new software will be designed for a range of gadgets.

The developers will need to think ang guess where might the negative factors appear and how they might influence the product safety. They will need to find a solution on how to integrate the internet of things into their platform. New inventions make new problem, so the tracing of issues will be done actively.

A list of key features will become the basement of IoT:

As in many other projects, safety — is the key feature. Since each device will be connected to the internet all the time, some things may become a threat. Furthermore, IoT based gadgets will gather date about the users without notification, which might impact the transparency of the product. Active development and testing will help to release the product faster with following  all the requirements and solving the issues that might occur.

Developing new safety testing methods

Internet of Things is about taking risks now, testers will need to put a lot of effort to check the safety level. Even if the IoT devices are integrated only partly, informational leaks might happen, which will have negative consequences. As the technology uses both, personal computers and smartphones, this unpleasant outcome appears.

In general, new software is about positive and negative aspects. The positive aspects of this method are the increasing of available opportunities, the negative — lower safety level, and higher danger. The testing teams will need to find the solution and make special criteria and methods to test the product for external influence.

They should also pay attention to the safety in various corporate programs. If there is even the smallest possibility to break into the system, a massive leak of information is guaranteed, and it will have an unpleasant result for the company.

Open-source testing tools usage

The ability of viewing and editing the open-souce software allows the team to achieve the highest level of safety and quality. This option provides the effective work conditions and simple learning environment for a new generation of testers. In addition, the customer needs satisfaction level is higher.

Doing the safest testing is the reason why testers want to use open-source tools. It also allows them to use more specific methods. For example, testers can integrate:

These are the tools which provide the best safety check estimation and point out all the issues that are present in the code. However, in 2022  after the introducing of new IoT devices, other effective tools and methods might appear, this is why trend following is important.

How relevant will be testers in 2022?

Next year we will see a completely new solutions for software testing, testers will be needed to find and solve the issues in different sectors. These specialists are in demand, because they improve the existing products, devices, and services.
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