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06 December 2022

Mobile App Ideas 2019: 10 Popular Ideas for Business

Are you looking to do the mobile app tends 2019?
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The sphere of mobile applications is developing intensively. Its perspective is obvious, so the IT-masters and business owners are determined to create such a product that would be much-in-demand among the users of mobile gadgets. Monetizing mobile apps is really good and useful. If you have an idea, and you’re thinking over its rationality there are some actual questions that could clear out the liquidity of the start-up.

How сould you guess whether your app would be muсh-in-demand or not?

You wanna сlear out whether your app would be needed among your expected targeted audience? Then answer the following questions untainted:
- Would it be really unique?
- Are there any familiar applications in the given segments and could it withstand competition with other applications?
- What are the prices of the products of your competitors?
- Would your app have real advantages in comparison with the apps of your competitors?

Besides this, it’s very important for the developer to put himself in place of the average user of the mobile gadget and answer the question whether he would be eager to pay the reserve price for the web developed IT-product. Realistic approach to all the mentioned aspects is the recipe for success and it gives define guarantees that you wouldn’t waste your resources, but develop or order the product, which is really unique and potentially needed.

Idea № 1: The Collection of Promotional Actions and Discounts

Cost-effectiveness is a motivated factor in life of lots of people. The great variety of different products and services induces the business-owners to offer to their customers attractive discounts and promotional actions. But customers have one more problem, they could hardly observe all the offered discounts and bargains of all the sales outlets.

If they go into the question deeply, they may waste their time too much, so that the cost-effectiveness would be very questionable. It’s specially actual for those customers who are working for themselves and know from the experience in a good way that time is really money. For those customers it’s more convenient to buy for not-too-high fee the special app with the information about all the discounts and promotional actions in the actual for them segments in their city.

Idea № 2: Low Quality Roads or their Danger Areas

Every country has its own situation with roads. The correspondent app wouldn’t be actual in many countries. But even the inhabitants of these countries go abroad and visit their relatives or friends by their cars. Sometimes the situation with the roads in another country could be unpleasantly surprising. The same concerns the journey through the hillsides.

If one develops the app, where the automobilists would mark good and bad fragments of the road with different colors, the received information could be analyzed with special programs. So, there is an opportunity to make the rating of qualitative roads and main lines. Starting the journey, people could consider the road conditions determined by other tourists and set the most favorable way for themselves.

Idea № 3: Alarm-Clock-Collector

Many people profess that they have low self discipline and high procrastination. If they work for corporations, where they meet high fine for delay, it’s really a serious problem for such worker. If ordinary alarm-clock doesn’t work, and a man accustomed to postpone its signal, the solution of the problem could be rather creative – the developing of the app in the format “alarm-clock-collector”. You may use help of ICO or STO for this purpose.

For each delayed signal some low amount of money would be deducted for charitable purposes. Be sure, even charitable purposes would motivate the owner of such an original alarm-clock to wake up in time. Eventually this IT-product helps his owner to get back to standard daily routine. If the possibility of wasting even low sum of money would put the user off, there are lots of other motivated ways to wake up with the first signal of alarm-clock. For example, if the user has delayed the signal one of the accustomed options of his mobile device would be blocked for a day. Of course the most essential options would be working. By this way, the app would help perceive the negative moments of broken daily routine.

Idea № 4: Different Modifications of Cooking Apps

It’s usual practice that a man has no desire or opportunity to go shopping for new products. But at the same time, he finds it’s interesting what he could cook, using the products he has. As the result, the app would suggest the recipes which could be cooked with the products its owner has. This is actual not only for individual dishes but also for festive table. Be sure to prepare or order a fashionable logo design.

It is worthwhile to say that the idea itself isn’t new. If smb uses it, it’s necessary to think over several unique options, which would be advantages of your app in comparison with competitors.

Cooking apps are popular in general. That’s why the developers have an opportunity to outperform their competitors and create something unique and more functional. The count of calories in the food ration, the developing of diet menu with a focus on concrete vitamins, considering seasonal fruits and vegetables of the concrete territory - these options could be successfully combined in the modern apps of cooking direction. In the process of developing quality projects, pay attention to the design of the application. It will increase the success of your startup.

Idea № 5: Choosing the Presents for the Friends

At the modern IT market there are apps, giving an opportunity to choose lots of interesting variants of presents, considering the gender, age, and even the matter of the holiday. But the idea is broadsided, so the hired developers have the possibilities to propose lots of new aspects and variants. The developers may connect the received requesting with the concrete products of the stores of the concrete city. By this way, the user could take not only the idea, but also be oriented in its cost and place where the product could be bought.

Idea № 6: 3D-Tours

This idea is actually not only for mobile devices but also for traditional sites. Tourists find it interesting to see historical buildings, museums or even hotels in 3-D format. It gives more information that allows making a more objective decision, what historical object to visit and what hotel to book. Sleek graphic design and 3D-information becomes more modern and complete that ordinary photos. It more objectively estimates this or that object. It’s obvious, that the popularity of these apps would be increasing.

Idea № 7: The Search of the Partner for Going by Taxi through the City or Nearest Countryside

The app like this is especially actual for those who are going late in the evening from the centre of the city to the articulate area. It’s as likely as not, that in the neighbor area or even the same one there are persons who also need to go by the same way. It helps to save expenses on the taxi almost by fifty percent. It’s evidently, the app of this type is optimal for promotion and for monetization.

The familiar apps in most cases focus on the travelling to another cities or even countries. But there are many people who go by taxi within the limits of the city. They’d like to save expenses too.

Idea № 8: The Assistant in Service of the Car

To create the app of this category the developers should make lots of efforts, but the result to all appearances prove its value. The idea lies in the following: the user is printing the model, mark of his car and the vehicle manufacture year and receives the information when and how it’s better to change the processed materials and how often it’s necessary to go to the vehicle workshop. It’s optimal if the app gives a lot of tips how to provide the service of the car without masters, but yourself.

The app could become a real assistant for the beginner automobilists. It’s important to offer not only text tips but also photos and videos with different stages of the performing the necessary task. This visualization is necessary for the beginners.

Idea № 9: The Auction of Products and Services

In spite of large amount of familiar apps, the segment itself is very prospective. The extra advantage lies in the lots of familiar ideas in this direction, but the creation of the app wouldn’t be plagiarism. The developers should mind their IT-product to be optimized as much as possible. To succeed in this and monetize the app the developers should do their best. They should create more convenient and optional app than their competitors.

Idea № 10: The Calendar of Beauty with Reminders

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