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06 November 2021

How Can Businesses Do Better With Mobile Marketing Campaigns in 2020

Overall mobile usage has increased enormously on a global scale. No matter how much we want to deny it, 46% of Americans admit they couldn't survive without their smartphones.

Today, the number of global smartphone users hit 5.1 billion, equates to roughly 67% of the world's population. The number of hand-held devices is growing continuously and expected to grow at 7 billion in 2021.

Right now, hand-held devices are making their way as the new frontier for business growth, and mobile marketing becomes a staple for both online business and brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs. Today, at least 68% of marketers have integrated mobile marketing into their entire marketing strategy.

If you still sit idly while your competitors have been fighting tooth and nail to leverage their mobile marketing strategy, you're going to miss out on more loyal customers and a massive increase in sales.

To help you optimize your mobile marketing strategy, we picked up six actionable tips so you can reap the benefits you deserve.

#1. Make It Mobile-Responsive

Now you know most of your potential customers are on mobile devices most of the time. In this case, offering them a responsive website is the best way to attract and engage them.

So, make sure your website, landing pages, forms, product video marketing, ad campaigns, and any other tools on your entire marketing strategy fit on devices with both large and small screens.

Creating a website that provides an optimal, seamless viewing experience across a wide variety of devices ensures your potential customers can effortlessly navigate it regardless of the device they use. They can get to know your brand in a quicker, more accessible, and convenient way. Thus, it can lead to satisfied users and increased conversions.

#2. Keep the Message Short and Sweet

The human attention span is only getting shorter and shorter every day. Now, you only have 8 seconds to grab their attention.

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Especially for mobile users, they’ve now become more fickle than ever – they’re always one click away from moving on to the next thing. In this case, catching their attention and getting their concentration up from the get-go is critical.

You need to be straightforward and straight to the point while delivering the brand message for your mobile marketing. Make sure your potential customers have a solid understanding of what your brand is all about (mostly within 160 characters). The long-winded, boring first lines will only tempt them to click away.

#3. Provide Clear Call-to-Actions (CTA)

Running a mobile marketing campaign without a distinct, compelling call-to-action is like fishing without bait- in a desert. No matter how brilliant your mobile marketing strategy is, if your target customers don’t perform any action, it’ll turn out as an epic fail.

Tell your audience what they need to do next. Do you want them to join the newsletter? Or convince them to visit your website? Are you trying to persuade them to purchase your product? That’s why CTA comes in handy, to inspire users to take the next step.

As users access your brand on a smaller screen, make sure that the text is large, and the color is catchy enough to attract their attention without overwhelming them.

#4. Be Always There for Your Customers

In this era of immediacy, mobile marketing is all about quick and convenient service. Mobile users prefer to solve their problems at their fingertips. At least 64 percent of consumers and 80 percent of business buyers said they'd prefer companies that respond to and interact with them in real-time.

So, the key is staying close to your customers. Mobile users always have high mobility. It means that providing an easy way to connect with them is an excellent idea to win their heart and gain their trust.

Invest time in your customers to create a loyal mobile user who's eager to get to know the brand and help your business get off the ground.

#5. Leverage Social Media Efforts

More than 3.6 billion mobile users worldwide are on social media (as you can see in the statistics below). This shows that social media has had a profound effect on consumer behavior– it's a place where trust and intimacy abound.

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That's to say, leveraging social media platforms for your mobile marketing allows you to spread the brand's message fast without having to put too many efforts on it.

Having a strong social media presence also makes it easier for you to get mobile customers' demographic data when they are online. In this case, you'd be able to offer a highly personalized product or service to your target customers.

#6. Appeal to Gen Z and Millennials

Younger generations are technology-obsessed, well-informed, and stand out for their technology use. Most youngsters are attached to their phone as the statistics say that 69 percent of them agree they couldn't live without their smartphone. Not to mention that two out of three (65 percent) of them prefer making online purchases with their phones.

It's obvious that younger generations spend more time on their phone (compared to older generations), making them the most significant opportunity for marketers.

As a savvy mobile marketer, it's time to learn more about this demographic's behavior and start adapting your mobile marketing campaigns to target these potent new buyers.

#7. Adapt the Newest Technology

Adapting the newest technology and staying up to date with digital trends can help you to cater to mobile users better and more effectively. You can use chatbot and marketing automation so you can respond to your customers instantly. It makes it easier for you to engage them beyond clicks.

Integrating technologies into your mobile marketing can continuously refine and improve your interaction with the customers. And you might already know that it's a keystone of any advertising and marketing approach.

The interaction leaves your customers with a positive experience, a better understanding of the brand, and a strong emotional connection. That's what mobile users have been craving for.

Bottom Line

As mobile devices have now become mainstream, it's no longer blissful to assume that your customers are finding your brand only through desktop search. With massive users of mobile devices, it provides ample opportunity for digital marketers out there to reach their potential customers in real-time.
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