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24 January 2023

Future of Web Development 2019

Are you looking to do the web development trends 2019?
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heIn the web development industry, trends are changing very rapidly. However, those trends that deserve the attention of specialists remain visible.

That is why it is possible to trace some basic laws that are relevant now, and will also "move" this sphere in the near future.

So, let's begin - we will consider the key factors that will mark the future web development trends in 2019.


Despite the fact that Progressive Web Apps appeared a few years ago, they were especially actualized right now. This conclusion helped to make tracking of user behavior and its analysis.

The creation of sites and applications has tremendously stepped forward. This success was made possible by such four main factors as:

• JS;
• CSS;
• Cryptocurrency;

They are needed to enable the user to interact with applications in the format most comfortable for himself. Thus, the loyalty of the target audience is stimulated.

Therefore, the conversion increases.
Among the principles that are typical for PWA, it is worth noting:

• Full range of adaptability to different types of smart devices.
• Principle of nativity (user's convenience) at the head of development.
Autonomy, which manifests itself in self-updating applications.

In addition to the fact that applications as such become more relevant, they start to differ little from full-fledged websites.

Therefore, the described trend can not be forgotten among other web development trends. It will be one of the defining ones in the future.

By the way, a very important task of project management of modern companies is the development of a system strategy, through which the site and mobile applications associated with the brand will be harmoniously combined into a single concept of doing business.

In 2019 and the next few years, this trend will be decisive especially in crypto space like crypto exchange development.

More single-page sites - the future web development trend

Single-page sites are an actual minimalist trend, which is increasingly common. It is by no means connected with the economy or the reluctance of companies to "bother" over the creation of complex resources.

In fact, the popularity of single-page sites is associated with the characteristics of user behavior, which was identified and documented by the results of multiple studies and analysts.

A modern person values ​​his time very much. And he, unfortunately, does not have it in abundance. Therefore, for a long time to "wander" through the pages of the site in order to search for interesting information, a function, a product or a service, there is no time for it.

The new web development standards are strongly aimed at efficiency and convenience. Landing has long been not a novelty.

But they are transformed, they become more interesting and thoughtful. At the same time, the principle of brevity is still relevant.

Therefore, we can say with confidence that landing is the future web development trends.

An abundance of illustrations

People who managed to get a specialty of a web and graphic designer know the everyday story of experts in this industry: the less design, the better. On the one hand, it is so. In the field of websites developing, where everything tends to justified functionality, excesses have never been useful.

However, a large number of photographs, fonts, shapes and illustrations - that forgotten trend, which by 2019 will come to a new wave of popularity. Cryptocurrency development emerges rapidly.

Over the past few years, there has been a close integration of logo design with animated illustrations, fashion photography and even painting. The design incorporates everything that can earn user attention.

An interesting technique, which is now widely used, is combining graphics with minimalism when the visual accent is shifted to a photograph. The amount of text content is reduced.

In general, such proportionality and balance are friendly perceived by the user. The opportunities available for creating interesting illustrations will make them one of the most relevant web trends in 2019.

Multimedia Longreads

Even relatively recently, great popularity of text longreads have found. But the web development field does not stand still.

Specialists are actively thinking about how it is most convenient to convey information to the target audience - so as not to bore the person and fix his attention on key aspects of the message.

In this case, multimedia comes to the rescue. History is told briefly, with the help of simple words.

However, a large array of text is replaced by a successful visualization. Such a decision was appreciated by developers and users of Internet resources themselves.

Multimedia Longreads are another facet of future web development in 2019.


This trend is especially relevant for mobile versions of websites. In our time, developers are trying to do everything in order to fit in a small screen smartphone is hardly the entire digital.

They understand that people are less and less sitting at computers when their working time ends.

Therefore, adaptive applications begin to work as successfully and functionally as usual sites. They acquire the same popularity as scaled Internet resources.

The visual part of web development has also undergone enough changes. These transformations "untied the hands" of designers, who now can not limit themselves in the creative vision.

The main thing is to understand the trends and use them skillfully in the implementation of the strategic objectives of the company.


For quite a long period (back in the days of Jobs), specialists tried to study and develop computer fonts.

Despite some successes, the process was rather slow. And only then, in parallel with the active dissemination of animations, illustrations and adaptability, the current web design trends have not ignored the typography.

Despite the fact that the rule of using a limited number of fonts is effective so far, the sphere itself is being democratized. Now digital-typography is replenished with new letters.

Therefore, the time when only the familiar sans-serif fonts were relevant, has become a thing of the past. Now there are more interesting opportunities to make the site more attractive with the help of fonts.

Modifying Forms

If we continue the question of design, then we must also pay special attention to the forms. Now irrelevant aggressively-pointed variations. Soft and smooth lines, which are perceived by users more loyal, are one of the dominant design trends.

Video Format

The increasing demand for video format in the target audience is a trend that can not be ignored.

Video is used everywhere. And very often it helps not only to revive, but also to submit in the new format the information that was previously presented to the target audience exclusively in the text version. We have already talked about this in the digital marketing trends in 2020.

Practice shows that people who watch small and time-honored video are watching both traditional sites and mobile versions.

Instead of the usual story in the column "about us", now companies can offer their audience interesting video stories. This helps to focus attention and communicate the required message even more effectively.

The future of web development trends in 2019. General patterns

Summarizing the predicted trends in the field of web development, it is worth to divide the basic trends into groups. For example, in the context of the structure of the site, such aspects will predominate:

• Increasing the share of single-page websites and improve them.
• Focus on convenience. Simple and functional menus. The lack of a "hamburgers" menu.
• Use bright techniques to keep the user's attention. For example, it can be an atypical placement of information blocks.
Navigation menus of a floating type.
• Variable interaction with the cursor, which is adapted for a specific site.

As for the Internet resources content, this will be dominated by such trends as:

• The continuing relevance of longreads. Along with the traditional, multimedia (the ones discussed above) are gaining popularity.
• Emphasis on the proper structuring of texts.
• Urgency of bright photos and images.
Use of author's illustrations along with graphic objects created thanks to computer technologies.
• Competent proportions in the ratio of text and graphic elements.

In web design, the main trends will be:
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