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14 February 2022

How to Develop a Cryptocurrency Wallet like Trust?

Are you looking to do the create cryptocurrency wallet like trust?
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There is a wide range of cryptocurrency wallets today, and Trust Wallet is one of the most popular. The official Binance wallet provides reliable sending, receiving, and storing services for Bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies, and assets. 

A simple application creates a protected access key that provides safety for the clients’ assets. The main feature is supporting multiple coins. It allows buying and trading various coins and using a credit card. Trust Wallet application functions on any mobile device supporting Android or iOS.

The system is so comfortable that it can be employed in various sectors for private and corporate purposes. For instance, it can be used in finances, banking, accounting, software development, etc. 

Key features of Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet has extensive functionality, yet we will state only the primary system’s features. 

  1. Complete security: a client has a private key that guarantees no one will access data and assets.

  2. Supporting multiple coins: the system supports and services a vast selection of coins. It allows buying, trading, and selling coins, blockchains, and other digital assets.

  3. Additional income: the program makes coins work on you on flexible interest rates. An approved Proof-of-Stake (PoS) certificate allows the user to receive interest from each digital asset.

  4. It allows using credit cards: Trust Wallet supports purchasing cryptocurrencies via a credit card. It helps to start trading rapidly.

  5. Not only that, but it has a DApps (decentralized application) browser. This browser helps to find suppliers that offer goods and services for crypto.

The system is free to access. Furthermore, it does not charge fees for transactions. The system supplier is ready to support the Trust Wallet users 24/7. They provide technical and consulting support.

To put it another way, Trust Wallet offers various advantages; thus, it is a beneficial solution. It is comfortable to use, supports many coins, is free, stores keys, functions rapidly, etc.  Anyone can install Trust Wallet if they have a mobile device working on a modern operating system. 

Installing and creating a wallet on Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet application functions on iOS 13.0 and newer devices and Android 6.0 and newer. After installing the application on the gadget, the user sees the welcome screen, where he can choose one of the functions: creating a new wallet or confirming an existing one.

When creating a new wallet, the user will be given an initial phrase of 12 words. The words should be saved to be used again if the wallet needs to be restored later. All 12 words should be stored securely and not shared with anyone else.

After saving the words to restore access, the following screen prompts the client to enter the phrase in the same order. This step is necessary for security purposes to ensure that the user correctly understands the access principle.

If everything is done successfully, the user will have a management board on the next screen. The board will already have some wallets. To create a new token, the client needs to tick a plus in the right upper corner.

Setting and using the Trust Wallet involves the following steps:

Going through the straightforward steps mentioned above allows using Binance Smart Chain right away. 

How to make transactions via Trust Wallet?

Sending and receiving coins on Trust Wallet is as simple as creating the wallet. The user needs to pick a cryptocurrency on the main screen and then go to the operation’s tab. There is an icon on the right side of the currency. Tapping provides the user with additional information on recent exchange rates, capitalization, trade volumes, price graphs over a certain period.

A user needs to type the address of the receiver and the amount to send coins. The service will display the fee charged from the total amount. Just copy the wallet’s address and share it with the sender to receive coins. There are other options to receive coins. A user can create a QR code, and since 2019 the system has supported purchasing coins via credit cards. For example, to buy bitcoins, just tap the button ‘Buy BTC,’ which is in the right upper corner of the currency icon. Next, type in the sum (minimum 50 USD) and enter your data: mail address, mobile number, physical address, date of birth. To continue, just follow the system’s instructions. 

Trust Wallet continues to grow and develop, new functions and integrations with Binance infrastructures are constantly added. This wallet allows any user to experience the advantages of the cryptocurrency market, considering its endless opportunities.
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