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06 January 2023

Content Marketing Trends Predictions 2020: Strategy Examples

Are you looking to do the content marketing trends in 2020?
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The attention of users and customers has already been won. But this does not mean that it should not be kept. Moreover, the number of potential customers in the millions, because companies cannot relax. They advertise their products in all sorts of ways so that conversion only grows.
Biggest Content Marketing Trends Predictions 2020 are:

  1. Concentration on loyalty

  2. Consumer education

  3. Using technology to explore interests

  4. Types of content

  5. Augmented Reality

  6. Interactivity

Against this background, it has become noticeable that traditional marketing is losing ground. Farsighted marketers have long determined that there are more effective ways to talk about the product. Among them are content and digital marketing.

Content marketing is an approach aimed at creating and disseminating relevant information to attract and retain a well-defined audience, and ultimately to stimulate customer activism.

Instead of direct advertising, marketers decided to distribute valuable information about the current market. After receiving this data, users themselves must come to the choice of product. This approach educates customers, significantly increasing their trust in the brand.
That’s why I want to draw your attention to the trends in content marketing in 2020.

Where they will use this direction

For a long time, content marketing was actively used only to popularize small projects. But, again, the time of traditional advertising has passed. And big companies still need to lure customers to their side.

The concept of "competition in the market" has long changed. Today, 90% of companies know how to solve any problem. Because advertising in the style of "our product will save from disaster" or "choose "Product" because we are the best" is no longer valid.

Content marketing model. Source of the image

Content marketing is one of the elements of any business strategy. Companies must show the situation on the market and introduce their unique solution. This is the only way to beat a competitor today.

Regardless of the sale of goods, services or attracting investors, content marketing will play an important role in enhancing the reputation of the brand, and therefore will affect the popularity. Because this method will now be used in all areas that are somehow dependent on advertising.

Concentration on loyalty

At different times, advertising had different goals. Once the main task was to inform about the existence of a product. At other times, the company, first of all, fought for the growth of conversion. The last few years, marketing has been aimed at attracting the attention of potential customers.

Each of these elements is important in pictures or illustrations. Anyway, advertising touches all components. But what will be the most important for business in 2020? As I said, this is far from attention. After all, people are constantly interested in new products, because their attention to the market is won.

But consumers are increasingly noticing cheating. One of the most prominent examples is Apple's iPhone XS and XS Max. A new series was waiting for the whole world. As a result, we saw that there were no impressive innovations. I propose to watch a video that accurately identifies user reviews about the latest iPhone series.

Someone will say that this is directed anti-PR. But Apple products are just an example. Many companies make a similar mistake. Instead of the radical changes that have been waiting for the whole year, the consumer gets an “enlarged screen” and a “new name”.

Therefore, in 2020 the main goal of content marketing is to gain the trust and loyalty of users. Now the consumer doubts every product. And the choice will fall on the one that first will cause positive feelings (not to mention great enthusiasm).

Consumer education

A waste of time is one of the main fears of the 21st century. Probably, viewing ads is part of a similar phenomenon. Therefore, simply attracting attention to the product no longer works. The consumer needs to give something useful, practical. That's exactly what content marketing is for.

But if earlier advertising gave only a handful of information, today valuable material should be its basis. Infographics, statistics and other similar phenomena will become commonplace for any type of advertising. The more benefit the client extracts from the advertisement, the more loyal will be his attitude towards the product.

Today, consumers need solutions to problems. Source of the image

For example, companies need to sell a robot that will create a style in the clothes of the owner. A robot will be capable of this only if it can understand modern design. This is achieved only through training, which is conducted through a neural network. Accordingly, in advertising one can explain the principle of operation of neural networks and its implementation in the company's product.

So the user will receive a lot of valuable information, understand how the proposed product functions. This will increase the likelihood of making a purchase. Again, this will increase brand loyalty.

Using technology to explore interests

At first glance, it seems that content marketing is a fairly simple direction. Like, educate customers, do not cause high expectations and success is guaranteed. Marketers with similar thoughts do not succeed.

To create high-quality and effective advertising you need to fully know the consumer. Since content marketing is usually aimed at a clearly defined audience, the company knows who and how to learn.

Marketers are required to generate, analyze and use only high-quality data about the interests and needs of the audience. Nowadays it is impossible to do without the use of technology.

Customer loyalty cycle. Source of the image

Simple computers and sensors are simply not enough. Marketers, strange as it may sound, should use modern technologies almost on the same level with software developers:

I believe that the right approach to creating content is the main trend for all ages. And now this approach is to use the most developed technologies.

Types of content

It's time to talk about specific types of advertising, because the consumer has a different reaction to each of them. You will be right if you say that video / audio directing is at the top of the rating.

How has the use of different types of content changed by 2019. Source of the image

Video / Audio

First of all, I want to focus attention on this method of information transfer. It is most effective for the following reasons:

It is impossible to refute the fact that today it is video materials that are the most effective way to advertise a product. Again, any technology is much easier to explain through a full-fledged visualization, rather than display it in diagrams.

Text information (digital view)

The average person to spend on the Internet for at least 2 hours per day. At least a quarter of this time will be spent on viewing blogs and research articles.
Previously, blogs were conducted, as a rule, for stories about personal life. Today there are lots of interesting topics in blogs, articles of which contain current statistics, as well as information about world studies.

Therefore, despite the fact that there is not always time for reading, users are ready to spend their precious minutes to get acquainted with interesting material.


Statistics show that the use of images in content marketing has increased by 56%. But I believe that most of them lose their relevance. A more effective option is the use of charts and statistics. They carry more meaning than an image.

Moreover, the information from the scheme is easier to remember. For example, you need to display the number of purchases of a smartphone in different countries. This can be done in several ways, two of which:

The second option will be much better in memory, since it contains mostly textual information. The fact is that the map visually stretches the information, which is why the user studies it longer. What it remembered at the beginning is forgotten by the end of the study. Infographics transfer information faster.

Augmented Reality

This trend now affects almost every area, including content marketing.

An example of the implementation of augmented reality. Source of the image

In this case, the user can only see the rating of institutions and their remoteness. This amount of information is in fact insufficient to make a decision.

Augmented reality will be used in content marketing to convey clear and necessary information. In addition to the rating and distance, you can add:

The list can be continued, but the point is to get acquainted with the specific data that influence the choice of the client. Again, the more data a company or institution provides in this form, the higher the confidence will be.
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