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27 December 2019

Do You Know The 8 Myth And Facts Of UI/UX Development

While exploring the internet we come across a plethora of websites. But the truth is, many of them are lacking to leverage potential customers and this is partly because of the design and inappropriate approach.

There is a situation when beginner or sometimes established designers are not skilled enough to develop UI/UX design. So, they might face some misconceptions during the designing process. These can be varied based on different parameters.

Well! This is a time to bust out some common myths that revolve around UI/UX design.

Let's dive into 8 myths and facts of UI/UX development:

Myth 1: UX And UI Are The Same

The most familiar misconception of people is that they think UX and UI are two identical disciplines and dealing with the same concept. But the reality is just the opposite. Let's scroll down to study the difference between UX design 2020 and UI design 2020.

UX represents 'User Experience'. It involves the interaction of a user with respective business especially its products or other relevant services. The idea of UX is to resolve users’ issues. Whereas on another note, UI represents 'User Interface' and it includes all the interactive elements such as Color, text, font and a couple of others to attract user with the latest themes.

In clear words, UI is a small portion of UX design.

Myth 2: UI/UX Design Is The Only Aspect To Bring Quick Success

The fact is not true. Apart from UI/UX design, there are a few other things that need to take into consideration for the success of your business. Let's take an example to make it clear; if a company is offering cheapdomain name registration service, a user first investigate their work history, how long they work accurately and how much they cost as compared to other companies. In short, you can say, architecture and functionality matter a lot.

Undoubtedly, UI/UX is an imperative part of a website but in addition to this, user-friendly website, increase user engagement and how often user visiting your site will increase the chances to achieve business goals and objectives.

Myth 3: UI/UX Design Is Approachable By Large Companies Only

Merely, UI and UX are the popular facts to ensure a pleasant experience and these can be implemented based on basic principles of designing. Moreover, these can add value to your company at no cost.

UI/UX design can be acceptable whether you are running a small scale company because this is a way to expand your customers and their engagement in your work. Hiring /UIUX agencies could be much beneficial for both small and large scale industries instead of developing in-house UI/UX department.

Therefore, the above study defines a little investment can bring a huge profit for you.

Myth 4: UI/UX Design Can Be Implemented By Any UI/UX Designer

The lucrative results of UX design are demanding professional UX designers. Hence, the involvement of any random designer in the development of your company’s products and services is not reliable in order to earn a profit.

Firstly, the basic skills of designing are not sufficient to craft an impressive website. There is a need to invest a few other capabilities such as UX researcher, information architect, and of course business analyst. Furthermore, a powerful strategy based on collected data or information will assist to generate more potential customers.

Moreover, a designer must have experience in the relevant subject before stepping into the designing process.

Myth 5: UX Design Only Requires Content And Function

The content and functionality do not assist to figure out the whole idea of a business. Whether you are running a financial business or domain hosting, an in-depth understanding of a business model is essential.

Go through the hidden points why an individual should strike to your business and what is the need of it. Interestingly, try to target a goal that a business owner wants to achieve.

Myth 6: Innovative Design

The unique and creative design is not always helpful to crack a record. Sometimes, you keep chasing a fresh design but you forget to think from a customer’s viewpoint. A new design can be understandable by the professionals or the one who has a great knowledge of designing but what about the others.

There is a situation when a lot of users get frustrated with unfamiliar design and even they don’t want to spend any additional time to scroll or find the call to action. At last, they think to turn to another website based on their requirements. It doesn’t mean you should go with previous designs but gradually implement new technology to your site so that it will not affect the key features of a website.

Myth 7: Add Hundreds Of Features To Attract Customer

Unfortunately, users have no time to recognize every trait of your firm. A user just wants an enlightening experience at the starting or end of the project. Working on numerous features will demand a lot of money, so go with a better option; bring fewer but with full dedication and passion.

Concentration on a wide range of factors will affect your target audience/market, the team lacked competence and user might get disappointed by the long wait. Try to hold a user’s trust by leaving sufficient space on either side of a web page. The elegant layout allows a user to scan the data accurately in a minimum time zone.

Myth 8: User Read Content

Generally, users read content when they interested in. Most of the visitors scan the web page, they just overview the website content and images. In this scenario, make the content clear by highlighting the target keywords. They stick with a word which they find eye-catchy and their main concern is to skip the irrelevant information.

There are some possibilities that viewers read the content, firstly if they find it appreciable, secondly if the format is well maintained or organized. But in maximum cases, user skip reading the whole content. They just scroll for the information they are looking for.

Lastly, do not hire a designer just to design a website. Keep in mind, research is your everlasting friend; trust it because it makes you aware of some limiting factors. Your products and services must have the quality to make a user smile and satisfied.

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