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06 January 2023

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Trends 2019

Are you looking to do the smm trends 2019?
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Promoting the brand in social networks is not a new area. In this industry, we have accumulated enough knowledge and generalized experience, which became possible due to the successful example of many companies.

That information, which is already available and actively used, has become the basis for the analysis of popular trends. Proceeding from it, it is possible to assume with confidence, what will be SMM area in 2019. So, let's get started.

Promotion in different social networks

If you work with only one social network - it is the last day. In order for the promotion of a modern brand to reach the maximum of the audience, you need to work with different social networks. The content strategy should be as thoughtful and competent as possible. Do not regularly duplicate content (textual, visual nor graphic design) from one social site to another.

This method can be used occasionally, but in most cases, you should strive for unique content and adapt it specifically to each social network. Of course, this requires more effort from the SMM-specialist, but the result is worth it.

Modern companies in the majority understand that their audience is not limited to one social network. Therefore, you need to go to people exactly where they spend a maximum of time.

Avoiding one or other of the sites, you refuse qualitative feedback, the formation of which is one of the trends of modern content marketing. Competent segmentation of the target audience and effective communication with it - the key to business success.

A retreat into the past of old promotion models

Familiar models of business promotion in social networks will no longer work as efficiently as before. Business is changing - the strategies of its promotion are also being changed.

For SMM-managers, this means that you will have to show more creativity and personality than before. And for business, this is an indicator that now you have to pay more to specialists.

Advertising in social networks

The trend of the transition of business in the social network becomes obvious. Now one website and its contextual advertising is not enough for the business to be successfully promoted. You need to communicate with your audience where it is most often.

Accordingly, the owners and administration of social networks also understand this trend. Demand for advertising on these sites increases its price. No matter how hard a business tries to resist this fact, it has to reckon with an obvious trend. The right and strong SMM strategy is key for succesful ICO project.

Also worth noting is that business is more and more focused on the result. No matter how competent and educated the SMM-specialist is, its payment depends on the number of transitions and subscriptions. This is quite fair and objective.

Therefore, entrepreneurs are also somewhat protected against the waste of advertising budgets.

Increase the percentage of video content in social networks

About the video, as a trend, they say for a long time. As early as the beginning of 2018, videos became one of the key areas in the development of the content management industry. This trend has not bypassed the social networks, which are actively used for business promotion. Makes sense for blockchain projects and crypto exchanges. The details about development are here.

A video, in this case, becomes an excellent tool, delivering important information to the target audience. To increase brand awareness use your trendy logo in a video. If everything is normal with content and timing, video recording can easily replace textual information. It's interesting, effective and modern.

Effective reception in this direction is live broadcasts. Streaming in social networks is quite popular. It can bring a lot of advantages if the streams are:
Will be informative and useful.
Bearing novelty for people.
From the good side, discover the different facets of your company's life.

Such video content causes more confidence because it is translated in real time. Accordingly - the reputation of your company becomes more transparent and open, which contributes to the additional formation of its positive image.

By the way, using video area has become quite democratic lately. Now you do not need expensive cameras in order to present people with video content. Most of the recordings and streams are filmed on regular smartphones. The main thing is interesting and catchy content.

Working with mobile social networking applications

The growth of the mobile segment is obvious and undeniable. Therefore, the content in social networks should be maximally oriented to ensure that people are comfortable to get acquainted with it not only during their stay at the computer but also through mobile gadgets. This trend directly relates to one more: people start to perceive information faster, and their concentration of attention decreases. We talked more about this in top UI trends in 2020.

Therefore, the content in social networks should be such that it was comfortable to read "on the move" from a mobile phone. This will allow your company to stay in constant contact with its audience. But the Longread will not lose relevance. About this - below.

More functionality of social networks and mobile gadgets

The dynamism of the SMM-promotion industry is largely due to the fact that it is necessary to adapt to the user's interests as much as possible. For example, it was with this goal in the social networks Facebook and Instagram, there were such functions as stories.

Only with a superficial introduction can you get the impression that these are just fashionable innovations. In fact, these functions reflect the needs of a modern global network user.

The greater functionality of modern gadgets shifts the emphasis in the issue of popular content. If previously even the pictures were loaded extremely slowly, then now on an average smartphone you can safely watch the video. Such improvements affect the expansion of user interests.

Emphasis on interaction

Here again, we should remember about streaming. According to data provided by Social Media Today, 85% of users prefer Facebook-streams, rather than the usual television broadcasts. The secret is simple - it is this format that enables a person in real time to interact not only with the organizing committee of an event or a share but also to exchange opinions with other representatives of the target audience.

Comments to online broadcasts people write much more often than to video in the record. This applies to other indicators of a successful conversion. A striking example - the organizing committee of the festival Coachella was able to sell in 2011 tickets for the upcoming event in 2012. It happened in just 3 hours thanks to live broadcast. And a year earlier, when the broadcast was not, tickets were sold for three days.

Such a comparative analysis makes it possible to draw a conclusion about the effectiveness of the instrument.

Plots may not be limited to official events. People should show all that they potentially could be interesting. For example, Nike chose winning tactics, showing its target audience streams from sports events.

The increased popularity of longreads

This trend is quite new. We talked about this in best web development trends 2020. He largely crosses out everything that people knew about moving in social networks before.
A few years ago it was believed that the posts in social networks should be exceptionally laconic. Now, this is not so. Of course, the meaning of "compressed" information that can be read on the go, no one has cancelled.

But, at the same time, people are focused on quality and informative content, by which they can take their leisure or time in public transport on their way to work.

Realizing this need of users, social network Facebook in 2015 presented a new option - Instant Articles. Its development does not stand still, so gradually the option overgrown with new opportunities. And it is important for creating modern social networks.

The bottom line is that users of mobile gadgets can read an article on a third-party site via Facebook without leaving the browser. As for the advantages for the content author himself, he is available to the analyst.

Using Endangered Content

The trend was especially in demand in Instagram. The main "chip", which motivates the target audience to get acquainted with the information, is that the message will disappear after a while. For example, after 24 hours. A person manages to get to know the information on time, and you know that the message has reached its addressee.

A wide use of native advertising in social networks

Ideal modern advertising - not the one that masquerades as useful content, but the one that it is. This means that advertising messages should not be perceived as such at all.

How to do it? Share useful information with users. If you sell shoes, open a few secrets to caring for shoes made of leather or suede. If you promote a grocery brand, tell us about the actual recipes. If you present high-quality clothes, give people practical advice on the size of the dress or shirt.

Traditional promotions

There are some methods of brand promotion in social media, which have already become familiar, but no less effective. The mechanism of "make a repost - take part in the prize draw" remains as effective as before, although not new. It allows you to increase the level of loyalty of the audience. Another goal is to inform more people about the product that you produce (or the service you provide).
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