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21 May 2023

How to Create Express Postal Delivery Service like Nova Post?

Are you looking to do the тhow to create express postal delivery service like nova post?
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Creating an express delivery service (like Ukraine's Nova Post) can be a great way to make money in the rapidly developing eCommerce market. It will provide customers with fast and convenient delivery of goods and enable small and medium-sized businesses to deliver their goods to different regions of the country efficiently. This article will examine the key steps and tips for setting up an express delivery service to help you launch a successful business in this area.

Step 1. Select a business model

Nova Post is the largest Ukrainian private postal company, which provides a wide range of cargo and mail delivery services throughout Ukraine. The business model of Nova Post is based on the following principles: customer orientation, a vast network of offices, an effective logistics system, the introduction of innovative technologies, diversification of income, and working with partners.

Nova Post business model. Source.

Before you start developing your app for express delivery, you need to decide on the business model used in your project. You can copy it from Nova Post, but it is better to have it adapted to your country, niche, and target audience.

Here are the basic steps in selecting business models for an express delivery service:

Step 2: Hire a developer

Hiring a development team is the second step in creating a clone platform. Your team must be experienced in developing websites, mobile apps, and logistics software for warehouses and couriers. Here are some tips to help you find such a team:

Step 3: Decide the application functions

Customer panel of the express delivery service.

The user can checkout and track shipments, choose the type of delivery, pay for orders, obtain information about rates, delivery schedules, and more. When developing it, we need to simplify the delivery process as much as possible, increase the convenience and quality of customer service, and reduce the time it takes to process orders. Here are the features to be in the customer panel:

Postal service courier panel.

Your express delivery service's courier application should provide a user-friendly and functional interface for managing tasks and deliveries. Some possible features that should be included in a courier app include

Postal service administrator panel.

This tool provides the ability to manage all aspects of the Postal Service platform. Some possible features should be included in the admin panel:

Step 4: Develop the platform’s architecture

In the next stage of developing a clone service, you must develop the platform's architecture. It should be designed based on the principles of a microservice architecture, which implies that the entire system is divided into separate services, each of which performs its specific function and can be developed and scaled independently of the other services. This approach ensures flexibility and scalability of the system and simplifies its maintenance and development.

A logic architecture example by Gartner. Source.

Step 5: Develop a UX/UI interface design

A good UX/UI design is a key element of any project, including an express delivery service like Nova Post. During the UX/UI design phase, you must consider user experience design, including interface design, navigation, logic, and other aspects. The goal is for the user to easily and quickly find the necessary functions and perform actions on the platform without difficulty.

In addition, it is also worth remembering that your service will be used by users on various platforms and with different capabilities. You must also pay attention to mobile adaptability, accessibility for people with disabilities, easy navigation, and a pleasant color scheme.

The design process usually takes place in several stages:

Step 6: Write the backend and the frontend code

Backend development. This is part of the software responsible for the application's data processing and business logic. In the case of an express delivery service, the backend is responsible for several essential functions, such as managing customer, order, and delivery data, calculating cost and delivery times, managing integrations with external services (such as payment and tracking), and much more.

Here are the technologies for developing a service backend: 

Frontend development. This is part of development that is responsible for the visual aspect of the site or application. When developing the front end of an express delivery service, it's important to remember that users can use your platform from different devices and browsers, so the interface must be adaptive and have very high performance. It must also be secure and tamper-proof, with an easy and intuitive user interface and quick access to the right features. In addition, the front end must integrate well with the back end and allow immediate changes to the interface.

Here are the frontend technologies for developing an express delivery service:

Step 7: Test the product

Testing is one of the most critical stages in software development because it allows you to identify and correct bugs and errors before launching it. This contributes to improving product quality and user satisfaction. Several testing methods can be applied when developing a service:

Step 8: Launch the support team

In the last phase of developing an own platform, it is necessary to organize support services to solve user problems, handle inquiries and provide feedback. It is essential to maintain customer satisfaction and improve service quality. To do this, you can use tools such as ticket systems, chatbots, phone communication, staff training, data analysis, and user feedback.

It is also desirable to use specialized software solutions such as CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management) to improve the efficiency of the support service. They allow you to track the history of user requests, automate the process of answering repetitive questions, analyze the problems customers face, and determine trends in their behavior.

The cost of developing a Nova Post clone

Estimating the time and cost of developing an express delivery platform can depend on various factors; for example, the complexity of features, the number of components required for development, the experience, and qualifications of developers, the technology, and tools used, the scope of application, etc. In addition, there may be changes in customer requirements during the development process, which can affect the time and cost of the project.
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