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13 December 2021

Popular CSS Frameworks to Learn in 2022

Are you looking to do the CSS frameworks 2022?
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Such a powerful tool as CSS frameworks, also called cascading sheets, will help to change the appearance of the site. It will help to convey to the system developer the exact features of the element on the resource, determining its size, color, margins and other points. Within the bounds of the presented article, the answer to the question of what the best css framework is considered for 2022 will be disclosed, which will allow fully armed to continue developing sites or master new knowledge for yourself.

The importance of frameworks in the IT industry

The use of CSS in website development is a really important area. When creating resources, you need to have special knowledge of working with this technology, because you have to write a lot of code, which is accompanied by a number of difficulties. If the site uses many elements, you need to write even more, which is not always a pleasant experience for a programmer. In particular, such situations arise when you have to create a site from scratch, make up a resource layout or place certain types of elements on it. Writing CSS code from scratch comes with a really large amount of work. To speed up this process, programmers use best css frameworks.

It's easy to work with them - you just need to connect the tool to the resource and add certain styles or classes while developing the interface. The CSS framework is presented as a specialized library with a set of specific styles that can be easily added to portal elements.

As a rule, each developer is personally familiar with the framework in practice, at least with one of those available today. I propose to talk in the article about the most popular tools, using each of which the programmer will benefit exclusively. All the frameworks considered in the article have their own characteristics, which will be discussed below.


The open source Django project was created by the developers in the Python programming language. This fact makes the backend framework incredibly popular among IT professionals. Of course, the features are not only this.

With Django, you can create dynamic web development. It works at a fairly high speed. This became possible after the developer gave preference to eliminate unnecessary load. It often happens that libraries are loaded with features that only create the visibility of useful ones, but in practice they are not used at all by specialists.

There is support for the MVC pattern, which allows you to separate the business logic of Django applications and the user interface. It is also useful for microservice development. The main qualities of the library are considered to be high capacity. It is also a very universal tool.

The framework developers place high demands on security, which gives programmers the opportunity to use the appropriate tools. Today, the problem of cybersecurity is relevant, so it is worth worrying about protecting the resource. The Django platform includes support for a user authentication system, has tools that protect the site from attacks: SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, scripting, clickjacking.

Another plus is that all projects on this platform have compact code, you can model base classes and work with ORM. The project is cross-platform, well supported by different OS and databases. Applications based on it lend themselves to scalability without much complexity. All this gives reason to confidently say that in 2022 you should definitely learn Django if the goal is to develop your project in the future.

Today Django is the basis for such important sites of organizations NASA and Bitbucket, popular social networks Instagram and Pinterest.

The Django platform is supported by IT professionals who have organized an active community of interests, so any problem in practice will be fixed quickly and you can always count on support.


Another very popular framework in the global community of IT developers. It does not focus only on the CSS framework, but has many useful features, namely: map components, icons, powerful grid, navigation bars, etc.

Bootstrap works with HTML. The platform grid has been of particular value since the moment of its presentation, and this was back in 2011. It is not difficult to create it in flexbox, combining with different browsers. Platform uses Less and Sass languages, is notable for support of adaptability.

In order to learn how to work with Bootstrap - there should be no problems. The tool is simple, there are many tutorials and instructions on the web that explain the basics of working with it. The code is of high quality and simple, which makes it easy for another developer to understand and simplify teamwork.

It is applied on numerous sites:

This is a great tool for small projects where the developer has a goal to assemble the layout as soon as possible.

Spring Boot

Spring Boot framework allows you to conveniently develop backend applications. It is based on the Java language, which is ideal for microservices. The framework is able to simplify the application development process, helps to create independent Spring applications, configurations and to carry out further contact with them. Such IT products are launched by the java-jar command.

If there is an error, don't worry. The analyzer operates in the library. It will find the error and tell the user how to remove it. The problem will be ruled out.

Spring Boot is also convenient in that it has support for built-in Tomcat and Jetty servers, that is, you can exclude the deployment of war files to external spaces.

Maven configuration tasks will be much easier with this tool. This is due to the presence of pom.xml in it. Also, the library developer has provided the option of platform auto-configuration.

In practice, it has been proven that Spring Boot enters the integration process with other frameworks without problems. It is a powerful tool that will eliminate the need to generate code and XML configurations.

Spring Boot is found at the core of the resources of companies such as Intuit, MIT. You can also look at the Platform and TransferWise sites as an example.

Developers like collaborating with Spring Boot because the work is much easier. This became possible due to the Convention over Configuration software design philosophy, which is the basis of the platform. Only those specialists who do not like working in the Java language abandon the platform.

Semantic UI

The platform is working with the names of the semantic group. They are used to create elements. The developer decided to adapt them to the spoken language. The programmer can build a grid of four columns, as in the example in the picture.

The class names carry the contents of the grid. The set of styles is not unique in this case, but the group works smoothly. Semantic is a framework with a large complex of possibilities, its structure has a simple logic, like the semantics of classes, which is the advantage of the tool over others known today. The framework works well with Chrome, Firefox, Android OS, Blackberry.

Materialize CSS

The development of the Google company has been known since 2014. Since that time, it has not abandoned its position as one of the leaders in frameworks, so modern programmers should get acquainted with it personally. This is a set of ready-to-use elements made in Material Design. It is one of the most requested languages in the world for design purposes.

Using the platform, it is easy to create a business-related website, a resource for an agency, a restaurant or a construction industry. Also, you can safely take Materialize CSS as the basis for an online store. The framework has a Bootstrap grid, which makes it easier for the programmer to learn new concepts. The platform is powered by a SASS processor and provides mobile menu components. Several versions have been proposed for use - with SASS capabilities and freedom of choice of components, as well as Standard with CSS and JS files both minimized and not.

Materialize is famous for a number of features, among which it is worth highlighting:


One of the most popular css frameworks platforms. Its components depend on Flexbox. It has many similarities to Bootstrap and Semantic UI, but it's a standalone library that has a semantic user interface, class names, popular components, and makes it easier for the IT professional to get things done. For example, form elements are not styled, which made it possible to maintain a cross-browser look.

The component is simple and easy to maintain. It contains the is-dark and hero classes. This suggests that the programmer needs to arm himself with a hero banner, using the default dark theme.


By 2022, it is definitely worth taking a closer look at Node.js. The tool is presented as a server platform, which is included in the technology stack. They all cover the needs of web programming. Technologies are based on JavaScript. Allows you to write on it the JavaScript-V8 engine, which is also built into the Google Chrome browser and other applications running on Chromium. On the Node.js platform, the user is offered a large selection of frameworks, but Express remains the most popular among programmers.

This framework definitely deserves attention, because take at least the fact that it allows you to carry out full-stack development using JavaScript. The programmer gets his hands on not only all the capabilities of this language, but also the JS ecosystem, server environment libraries. The JavaScript code itself remains functionally the same as the code written in C. But this time it has the advantage of being compact. Its performance properties are at a fairly high level and can be used on those resources in which the speed of the code is in the first place.

It can be used on the server and the client at the same time, and it is even easier to maintain the code in a state of agreement, because a similar language is used for creation.

Due to the presence of Node.js modules, presented in the form of a code snippet, you can even use your own or someone else's script writing experience in the project. All frameworks created on this platform have no special requirements for scalability and sites. For this reason, developers using microservice architectures use Node.js.

The features of the framework include the input and output system, which never blocks the main thread, demonstrating high performance qualities. With the help of JavaScript engines, you can count on fast request processing speed. In such a case, competitive single-threaded execution code is used.

The creators of JavaScript have noted improvements in the performance properties of Node.js, which have been observed on a stable basis. This is possible due to the fact that representatives of the global corporation Google focused their efforts on improving the V8 engine. In the near future, the platform may be transformed at all, which will make it possible to carry out "heavy" calculations on it.

Now this is a project that a large staff of IT specialists is working on. This guarantees the user that in the event of an error or problem, a solution will be found as quickly as possible. With such positive features of Node.js, it is not at all surprising that well-known and successful companies are working with the tool, among them it is worth highlighting such popular resources among users as Yahoo, LinkedIn, Uber. Also the PayPal payment system and the most interesting entertainment resource Netflix run on this platform.

All this gives reason to consider the Node.js platform and frameworks based on it for upcoming developments in 2022.


CSS framework has no predefined templates as the previous web instruments. This tool allows everyone to create a unique design ad style. 

The developers can use the CSS utility classes with precise documentation, making the usage more straightforward. Tailwind CSS framework does not have strict requirements to the design and allows creating exceptional style. 

Designing on the platform is based on the principle of usefulness-complexity. Using the building's engineering networks, the developer gets complete freedom to create projects of any complexity.

The cognitive load of the software platform is small. The Tailwind framework endorses splitting reusable components into smaller ones for ease of use. CSS Purge libraries can be used to reduce the size of the CSS assembly.

The platform’s multitasking allows developing projects at an enormous speed. Fast shifting from HTML and CSS is the ground for it. 

There are also some disadvantages in Talwind. The readability for developers can be problematic because of the large number of classes. To create a complex animation, you have to use other tools besides the Tailwind. 

Using the Tailwind by beginner developers is not reasonable since it requires profound and complex studying.

Tailwind code sample. Source

Pure CSS

The programmers use Pure CSS to create attractive websites and intuitive interfaces. The American search system Yahoo developed the framework. Normalize.CSS adaptive modules are the basement of the platform. The developers can employ them in any project. 

It is easy to use the framework since it is minimalistic. This web instrument is created for developing designs on mobiles. The programmer can set the parameters as they need. The users can rewrite the design development rules. 

The framework needs a menial amount of memory, which can be shortened even more if the user uses the Pure CSS modules. Ready JavaScript plugins in plain CSS do not exist.

The disadvantages of the framework are also present. The framework does not have numerous templates for design and developer association of Pure CSS. Wizters,, and already use the pure CSS framework. 

Creating a website on Pure CSS. Source

Foundation CSS

Foundation CSS is one of the best yet most complicated frameworks. The structure of the framework is compiled of SASS metalanguage, CSS codes, HTML, and JavaScript. Foundation CSS focuses on mobile devices. The platform reacts at tremendous speeds. The developers develop major web projects that require host nods on this framework. 

Foundation CSS advantages: 

Companies like Launch Darkly, Nubank, Accenture, etc., use Foundation CSS. However, the framework has its disadvantages. Before you start working on the platform, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of use. Some functions are very complex to apply, but there are templates to create an interface and flexible enough. You can't implement Angular or React projects using Foundation CSS because the framework functions depend on the JavaScript programming language.

Developing a website on Foundation CSS. Source

Skeleton CSS

 An example of an adaptive layout. Source.

To develop user-friendly web services for mobile devices, you can use the Skeleton CSS template framework. It's easy to use. It is used to create small websites, or web app lends. Furthermore, it contains all the necessary components used in the development of adaptive web design. The software platform splits the site page into grids.

Pros of Skeleton CSS:

If you are developing a large project, it is worth using another software platform. To apply Skeleton as a single CSS library, the developer will have to put effort.


Tachyons CSS usually are associated with high working speeds. If you need a responsive web tool with a large set of valuable components and a comprehensive library, Tachyons is the best choice.

The framework has many advantages:

The only disadvantage of Tachyons CSS is that you will have to remember class names when designing Utility First, used in the developer's work.

The adaptive Tachyons structure for websites. Source.

Benefits of using frameworks

Every programmer with experience in website development is well aware that there are a number of programs and platforms that facilitate the assigned tasks. Frameworks are no exception. First of all, they save the developer's time. Adding a class to an element will be much easier than writing dozens of lines of new code.
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