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02 January 2023

Optimize Your Site For Higher SEO And Conversions

By now, if you are unaware of the ways in which you can optimize your site for both SEO and conversions rest assured that your website is not working as hard as it should and you are losing a lot of potential customers in turn. SEO results and conversion of leads are inextricably related though both of these may exist in two different sectors of the digital marketing landscape.

It goes without saying that if you do not have good SEO then you are unable to attract more traffic and therefore losing more opportunities than ever to convert potential customers. On the other hand, any website that is optimized for conversions will typically have better metrics and results such as bounce rate and time spent by the users on page. This means, such sites will have a better liking of Google and have an increased chances to get a higher rank.

Best of both worlds

Consult an expert or a SEO company NYC and you will see that all corroborates the fact that having an optimized website will provide you with the best of both worlds. They will also provide you with the valuable and effective tips and strategies to optimize your website to get better SEO and higher conversions. However, apart from this basic requirement, there are a lot of reasons why you should focus and invest on optimizing your website and continue to do so as time passes by. This will ensure that you have a cleaner and a more productive website.

Make your website useful

It is essential that you make your site useful for your specific audience. In most cases when there is a drop in SEO traffic, several site owners blame Google for its algorithmic update something which is beyond your wish and control.

However, in reality the goals of your business as well as that of Google are the same which is:

  1. To serve up the best possible informative and easy to understand content for the audience

  2. To create the most positive website user experience and

  3. To prioritize your content if it offers significant value.

It is just that you and Google go about it in different ways. While you analyze only the behavior of your target audience, Google on the other hand has to analyze millions of websites at any given time.

Google also uses more than 200 ranking signals for this matter that helps it to decide the best pieces of content and make sure that these appear on the first page of it results. In this regard, the Google algorithm plays a significant role with its careful attention to all the signs that a specific web page will send to the searchers for the desired information and product that they are looking for.

Therefore, when you want to focus on SEO, there are a few things that you should take special care for such as:

  1. You must choose the best primary as well as Latent Semantic Indexing keywords that are related to the search intent of the users.

  2. You must write contents that the visitors will love to read and find it easy to understand at the same time.

  3. You must also make sure that you provide Google with proper Meta information to help it understand the copy better.

Apart from that, to make sure that you optimize your site accurately for conversions, you must focus on guiding your users toward a specific page or goal. It may be for alluring them to join your email list or for buying any one of your products.

That means, just like Google, you must also give your audience exactly what they want. This will in turn help you further your goals and at the same time create a better relationship between the search engine and your site.

Growing organic traffic

His is another aspect that you should focus on given the fact that you spend thousands of dollars of your total revenue for advertising your product. It is found through different studies that n an average every business spends about 1% of their total revenue on advertising.

However, there are a few specific industries such as retail spends much more than that on ads. No matter how small a percentage it may seem to you apparently, it will slowly but surely add up.

On the contrary, through SEO you can attract more organic traffic for free, well almost. You may have to pay a professional web development agency and social media marketing agency for small business to develop and promote your content, but that will be much less in comparison to the revenue you will earn through pay-per-click.

You will get useful and illustrative data when you compare the rate between users that visit your site via pay ads and those users that arrive through organic search. Research reports say that:

  1. Organic search results close nearly at 15% while on the other hand

  2. The paid search rate is dramatically if not drastically low staying at almost 2%.

Therefore, it is worth to invest your time as well as money to grow your organic traffic as it will prove to more productive and high yielding in the future. However, it might take a bit longer to see the results but when its hows up it will result in more conversions and will surely last for a long period of time.

Capitalize your existing traffic

It will be unwise if you look for growing SEO traffic and ignore the existing traffic to your site. You must continue providing them what they want with your fresh contents so that they keep back coming for more. You will certainly not want people to visit your website and leave it as soon as they enter.

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