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14 November 2021

How Much does it Cost to Create a BlaBlaCar Clone?

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BlaBlaCar is a free ride-sharing platform, which is very popular in Europe. It has a user-friendly design and a wide range of features that meet the needs of both passengers and drivers. Later, we’ll tell you how much the creation of a BlaBlaCar clone costs, what tech stack is necessary for it, and what team of developers to look for.

What the development cost depends on

The complexity of the project and the developer’s location have the greatest impact on the cost of the development of such ride-sharing platforms as BlaBlaCar. As for the complexity, this is about the number of features and the depth of their development. In terms of this criterion, all projects are usually divided into simple ones — takes up to 400 hours to develop (design + coding), moderate – 400 to 800 hours, and complex – 800 to 1500 hours and more.

Developer’s location is important because salaries of designers, programmers, and management personnel in IT may vary greatly in different countries. Specifically, a specialist’s average rate in the USA is $95 per hour, Western Europe — $67 per hour, Eastern Europe — $32 per hour.

Here is how much the development averagely costs depending on these two factors:

Cost of the creation of a BlaBlaCar clone

The creation of a clone of such a platform as BlaBlaCar consists of several stages: preparatory stage, design development, direct coding, testing, deployment, and promotion. Here is their brief description and estimated cost (time  rate in the USA / Europe).

Cost of the market research

If you simply clone BlaBlaCar and release this clone to the market, this project hardly will turn out to be successful because it’s unlikely that people are going to go to your platform if they are already using the original or another ride-sharing service. Therefore, before proceeding directly to the clone creation, you need to explore the market to understand what project your target audience needs exactly.

The cost of such research depends on its depth:

Cost of a clone’s design development

User flow in a ride-sharing service.

The cost of the design creation of your BlaBlaCar clone is about to be low if you’re planning to enter a market where there are no major players like BlaBlaCar. In this case, you only need to copy the architecture and appearance of the original and adapt them to the chosen niche, country, and target audience. This is going to take from 20 to 50 hours for development or from $640 to $1600 if the web designer’s rate is $32 per hour.

If you’re planning to enter a highly competitive market, then it won’t be enough to duplicate BlaBlaCar’s design. You will need to conduct research and understand what appearance of a ride-sharing service will be suitable for your niche and target audience. You also have to find out what the users like about the design of BlaBlaCar and your other competitors and what they would like to change, remove, or add.

Here are the main development stages of a unique design and their cost:

Cost of the creation of main features

Passenger panel — 900 hours or from $28800. This is a set of features, which will help a user to find a car with a driver for a trip in the needed direction. Here is a list of features that will make it possible to carry it into effect:

Driver panel — 400 hours or from $12800. Some features for a driver panel can intersect with the passenger panel features; for example, sign up, geo targeting, push notifications, and messaging. At the same time, there are several unique elements for drivers:

Admin panel — 200 hours or from $6400. In a nutshell, it’s a central node, which connects the back-end to the driver's and passenger's interfaces. Admin panel gives a summary of all processes and allows managing the system, users, routes, and finances. You can create it from scratch or by a template of an admin panel. Here are the main features of this panel:

Cost of additional features

Predictive analytics — from 100 hours or from $3200. You can create a set of analytical tools, which will help you predict your users’ behavior to optimize profitability, communication, user flows, marketing, routes of trips, and many other things.

Machine learning algorithms — from 200 hours or from $6400. Artificial intelligence can be used to automate the communication with users on standard requests, optimization of the trip routes, traffic analysis, optimization of calculation of trip cost, demand forecasting, etc.

Integration with transport services — from 50 hours or from $1600. In BlaBlaCar, you can look not only for the drivers of private cars but also for the routes of buses and other local regular transport links. You can implement this functionality when developing your BlaBlaCar clone.

Chatbot for market of demand — from 100 hours or from $3200. You can develop chatbots, which would help clients to look for the necessary routes and book seats or provide the users with unique offers.

Voice commands — from 100 hours or from $3200. Let Google Assistant, Siri, Cortona, or Alexa help your clients to manage key features with voice commands.

Security — from 50 hours or from $1600. Getting into a stranger’s car is always a risk just like the other way around – when you invite a stranger into your car. So you must ensure that your users feel safe and have the opportunity to react to dangerous situations in some way. Here are several ways that famous ride-sharing companies use to solve that problem:

What is necessary to create a BlaBlaCar clone

The architecture of a ride-sharing service.

Tech stack. You can use the following set of tools when creating your clone:
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