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07 June 2023

Launchpad App Development Company

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Even though the cryptocurrency and blockchain market is over ten years old, it is still rapidly growing. Every year hundreds and sometimes thousands of new projects appear, and most of them go through Launchpad platforms such as Binance Launchpad, OKX Jumpstart, Polkastarter, TrustPad, and others. In this article, you will learn how such platforms work, how they attract startups and investors, and how to develop your Launchpad application. We will describe the development process and tell you where to find the best developer.

What is a Crypto Launchpad App?

Launchpad is a platform for launching new projects, which, like crypto incubators, helps startups attract attention and funding at an early stage of development when they only have a concept but the product itself is not yet ready. The main goal of such platforms is not only to help promising projects to develop successfully but also to contribute to the growth of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole and to make a profit by providing their services.

Launchpads are online crowdfunding platforms that allow you to invest in promising cryptocurrency and NFT projects before their official launch. Startups can create a page on the Launchpad platform and launch an initial coin offering (or another variant of a token sale). This fundraising can take place either through selling a new asset (the startup's native token) or through selling existing tokens or using fiat - it depends on the Launchpad platform.
Here are the top 5 most popular Launchpad platforms:

How to develop a Launchpad?

Creating an app for cryptocurrency startups can be a very profitable solution for developers and entrepreneurs who want to access the opportunities of the growing cryptocurrency technology market. Next, we'll look at the types of Launchpad platforms and their functionality and show how development goes and how much it can cost to launch such a project from scratch.

Types of Launchpad Platforms

There are several types of Launchpad platforms; here are some:

These varieties of Launchpad platforms allow you to launch new cryptocurrency projects, NFT collections, and decentralized finance protocols - simply, quickly, and as securely as possible.

Launchpad functionality

Showcase. It lets users get detailed information about a cryptocurrency project, such as description, start and end date of token sales, token price, sales volume, and other parameters that can help investors make decisions. The feature can also provide filters to customize searches by various project parameters, such as niche (finance, medical, gaming), token type (utility token or security token), region, minimum and maximum token value, minimum and maximum investment amount, rating, team, etc.

Launchpad showcase interface on OKX Jumpstart platform.

Registration. Allows users to create an account and access Launchpad platform functionality. Registration typically involves entering personal information such as name, email, and password and may require email or phone number confirmation. This feature allows users to participate in new token sales, manage their profiles, track their investments, and receive notifications about new projects.

On Decentralized Launchpad platforms like TrustPad, registration usually requires only connecting a cryptocurrency wallet.

Project vetting. Before launching a new project on the Launchpad platform, experts must vet it to ensure its potential and reliability. This allows you to identify potential risks and problems of the project and ensure that it meets the security criteria and that the blockchain technology is used correctly.

In the verification process, the platform usually analyzes:

Once the project passes the vetting process, it may launch on the platform.

New Token Sale Launch. This feature allows startups to create and run new token sales on the platform. It includes creating a startup card with a detailed project description, setting conditions for selling and distributing tokens, managing the acceptance of investor payments, and processing them. This feature can also include tools to verify investor accreditation and set token purchase limits.

New Token Sale launch process on Polkastarter.

Cryptocurrency tokenization. This feature allows startups to create tokens based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. Coining involves setting token specifications, such as price, issuance volume, and sales rules, which will later be used on the platform to exchange tokens. In addition, token minting can include integrating with various blockchain platforms and smart contracts.

Managing the funds raised. This feature of the Launchpad platform provides the ability to manage the funds raised from investors and transfer them to further project development. It can also include functionality for automatically distributing funds between different project stages and setting rules for access to them.

Investment portfolio management. This screen allows investors to manage their investments in projects launched on Launchpad. This includes tracking the history of all transactions, viewing the current status of assets (status, profitability, availability for withdrawal, etc.), and adjusting them. In addition, this feature can provide investors with statistical information about startups, which helps them make more informed decisions when choosing which project to invest in.

Startup analytics and statistics. This feature is designed to provide investors with accessible and up-to-date information about projects on the Launchpad platform. It can include various reports on the current status of projects, industry overviews, forecasts, and analytics that help users make informed investment decisions. Important analytical features are also tools for graphing, predicting token rate dynamics, and comparing projects on various parameters.

Ratings and reviews of startups. Allows you to rate startups launched on the platform and leave feedback about them. This feature helps users decide about investing in one project or another, enabling projects to improve their reputation and attract more investors. Ratings and reviews can be based on various criteria, such as the quality of the project, the project team, growth prospects, etc. This feature can also help the platform evaluate the quality of its services and improve them.

Outer integrations. Includes integrating the Launchpad platform with various payment systems, cryptocurrency wallets, social networks, and messengers. This allows users to quickly and easily make transactions and communicate with each other using tools they are comfortable and familiar with. In addition, integrations can also include compatibility with other blockchain networks and DeFi-protocols, allowing the Launchpad platform to expand its functionality and audience reach.

Token storage. The Launchpad platform also typically enables users to store tokens securely in their accounts within the platform. In addition, it is possible to provide token storage in a cold wallet by integrating with noncustodial cryptocurrencies such as Exodus, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Ledger. At the same time, users should be able to manage their tokens, such as transferring them to other addresses or external wallets.

NFT Support. Provides the ability to launch and sell NFT assets and NFT collections. This feature includes creating NFT assets, a marketplace for selling them, and tools for managing NFT transactions and storing NFT tokens. In addition, it can provide functionality to track and analyze the NFT market to help users make better investment decisions.

Launchpad Application Development Stages

Stage 1: Market research. In this stage, an analysis of the market and competitors is conducted to determine the needs and requirements of customers and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of competitors and their products. The results help define the product strategy, develop the concept, and establish key performance indicators.

Stage 2: Creation of the terms of reference. At this stage, the development team defines the requirements for the application functionality and interface, draws up a work plan, defines the technical specifications for the infrastructure, and selects the stack of technologies to implement the project. The requirements specification contains a detailed description of the application's requirements, functionality, interaction with other systems and networks, technical characteristics, and infrastructure requirements. These terms of reference become the basis for the entire development process and are used to control the quality of work.

Stage 3: Designing the system architecture. Next, your Launchpad application development company creates the system architecture. This process usually involves developing a general system concept, defining its components and their interactions, choosing technologies, and structuring the project. The result is a detailed plan and architecture of the system.

It is better to use a microservice architecture to create a Launchpad application. This approach is where the application is broken down into different services, each performing another function. This approach allows you to make more scalable, flexible, and easily updatable applications.

Microservice architecture structure. Source.

Stage 4: Creation of the UI design. Includes the creation of layouts and prototypes of the UX/UI design of the application, which meets the requirements and goals of the project. Visual interface elements are created, such as fonts, color palettes, icons, buttons, images, etc. The result should be a finished UI design.

Stage 5: Developing the application's front and back ends. This includes writing the code for the user interface and the server part. For this, developers use programming languages, frameworks, databases, cloud services, and other development tools.

Here's the technology stack for the Launchpad backend:

Here is the backend technology stack:

Here is the front-end technology stack:

Stage 6: Development of smart contracts and tokens. In this phase, smart contracts for tokens are developed and tested. Mechanisms for verifying and storing tokens are also created. Developers create and test specifications for smart contracts that define their overall logic. They also make a mechanism for coining new tokens to be used by startups to fund their projects.

Stage 7: Testing and debugging the product. The application is tested for compliance with the specified requirements, correcting critical and logical errors and improving the product's functionality. The main task of checks is to guarantee the correct operation of the Launchpad application and the absence of errors in it, as well as to improve the product's functionality before releasing it to the market.

Stage 8: Launching on test networks. This involves uploading the developed application to test blockchain networks like Rinkeby, Ropsten, or Kovan to check its functionality and correctness before launching it on the leading blockchain network. This step verifies smart contracts, transactions, and error handling.

Stage 9. Launch on the main network. This is the final stage of Launchpad application development, which involves launching the application on a real blockchain network, such as Ethereum Mainnet. At this stage, it is necessary to make all the required settings, connect to the blockchain network, and ensure the smart contracts, tokens, and other application components are working properly. It is also essential at this stage to perform reliable testing and collect feedback from users to respond to possible problems and improve the application quickly.

Stage 10. Support and updates. This is the process of ensuring that the application functions correctly after it's launched on the main network. This involves technical support, updating the application, fixing bugs and vulnerabilities, and adding new functionality according to user and market needs.

Launchpad App development cost

Why is it worth hiring Merehead?

Developing a Launchpad application for launching token sales is a complex and multifaceted process requiring expertise, professionalism, and experience in blockchain technology, web development, and interface design. That's why choosing the right development company to implement your idea can significantly influence the project's success. Merehead is a reliable partner specializing in blockchain development and has extensive experience creating Launchpad applications. Our team will help you bring your idea to life and succeed in the blockchain market.

Advantages of working with Merehead

The services we offer

Web application development: the creation of user interfaces, backend development, testing, and deployment of applications.

Mobile application development: creating iOS and Android applications using modern technologies and development methodologies.

Blockchain solutions development: blockchain infrastructure, smart contracts, tokens, and decentralized applications.

Launchpad project development: creating and promoting innovative projects, selecting investors and partners.

Digital marketing: creating marketing strategies, brand promotion, reputation management, analysis, and optimization of advertising campaigns

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If you want to create your cryptocurrency project, creating a Launchpad application can be an excellent option to enter this market. However, it is essential to understand that developing and launching such an application requires specific knowledge, skills, and the specifics of such platforms. Merehead team fully meets all these criteria and offers you its services in Launchpad application development.
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