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02 December 2021

Netflix Clone Website – How to Make a Streaming Website Like Netflix?

Are you looking to do the create netflix clone?
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From this article, you will learn how to launch your streaming service like Netflix. We’ll tell you how to choose a niche, where to get media content from, and what features to implement in a Netflix clone so that viewers like it. We will also specify an estimated cost of the development of a streaming website.

Choose a niche for streaming

CuriosityStream — a Netflix clone targeted at documentary films and series. It managed to attract 13 million paying subscribers in 5 years

If you just create a clone and introduce it into the market, you’ll have to compete with such giants as YouTube TV, Apple TV+, Hulu, HBO Max, CBS, Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and of course Netflix. It’s possible, but you need a multimillion budget, which will allow you to develop a streaming service as well as run a serious marketing campaign. Aside from that, you’ll need to spend a lot of money on the purchase or creation of exclusive content.

Instead, you better launch a niche project targeted at meeting the needs of a certain target audience like the streaming service CuriosityStream did, which presents docuseries, films, and specials spanning science, nature, history, technology, and society. This project was launched in 2015 and it managed to attract 13 million paying subscribers in five years. This is an amazing result for a highly competitive market.

Here are several promising niches that you can use:

Determine a business model

Cost and subscription parameters on Netflix

Netflix provides its clients with legal access to an enormous base of movies, series, and TV shows, which they are able to watch whenever and without annoying ads. The platform takes $9, $14, or $18 per month for it depending on the subscription type. In 2020, Netflix started testing a free option of access with ads and significant restrictions on content available to watch.

When creating a clone, you can use the same monetization model. Nevertheless, be prepared that if you don’t have unique content, it’s unlikely that you make a profit. Unique content is pretty expensive. Moreover, even if you have money, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be eligible to be showing new blockbusters on your service because HBO, Disney, and that same Netflix are paying for their production now to demonstrate them only on their platforms.

Here is a description of available monetization models of streaming services:

MVP functional of a Netflix clone. The more features there are, the higher the cost is. Respectively, you better add only the main features to the first version of the service because it will lower the cost of launching the site and allow launching it as quickly as possible. Later, in line with the increasing popularity of your site, you may add more features.

Here is a list of the main features of a streaming website:

Additional features. They help make your app more interesting and unique, which increases more users.

Here is a list of features, which may improve the user experience:
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