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18 August 2019

How to Increase Online Sales Conversion Rate of a Product

In this article, we will give tips as to how to get more customers from your website. We have previously written how you can improve the conversion of the sign-up page. We continue the series of articles on Internet marketing.

1. The homepage is about your product.

At a glance, users should understand clearly what you are selling. Further, mention your benefits. Why they should buy this very product or service. Engage your users with an interesting offer. Give free advice or free consultation in return for user’s valid email address. Collect your subscribers’ data base. They are your potential customers. Encourage users to act on every page of the site. This thing is probably No.1 for all profit websites and companies. We implement such tactics and tips in our development, so simply find out the price of restaurant website.

2. Use large images of high quality.

People like looking at beautiful pictures. Create your portfolio or gallery with your product. Show the happy faces of your customers. Here are a several services where you can find great images with high quality:

3. Add reviews.

However, you shouldn’t fool users with fake ones. Believe me, your potential customers are not stupid, so respect them. It is better to have one real review than 5 fake ones. This will increase the credibility of your company. We use only real feedback from our customers, and we are proud that our customers are happy.

4. Place the phone number on all pages of the website in its upper right corner.

This makes possible to get more calls. Do not make the client look for your contacts. In our practice, we used more sophisticated technologies and analyzed the behavioral factors on the websites. This gives a very cool result.

5. Consider users’ patience.

People do not like to wait, especially surfing Internet. According to AberdeenGroup research, the download delay of a page for 1 second can reduce the conversion by 7%. You could check your website or MVP speed clicking on these links:
Pingdom tool
Google Page Speed

6. Place the content correctly.

Researchers have determined that users look firstly left to the right, and then scan the page from top to the bottom. How much does real estate website cost and at what your company should pay attention? Find out in our previous article.

7. Use people's faces for increasing trust to your resource.

People do like to look at others. Moreover, when we see a face, we are sensing similar emotions. Get the right emotions of your customers. I would recommend taking a photo session if you are the representing your company. So that, pictures of good quality will certainly increase company credibility.

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