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24 January 2023

Web Development Trends 2019

Are you looking to do the web development trends 2019?
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Millenials or Generation Y are ideal employees for the web development area. Only modern people can respond so quickly to changes and growth in a professional environment. They can study, improve their qualifications, change their qualifications and just be in a trend.

Trends in web development in companies come and go. Every industry is perfected literally every day. In 2017-2018 we have already managed to get virtual and augmented reality, bought crypto-currencies, experienced the tracking of user behavior and talked a lot with chatbots. What will next? Let's see what trends the industry will meet us next year.


PWA (Progressive Web Apps) appeared a couple of years ago, but really blossomed this year thanks to the study of tracking user behavior. Website development has stepped forward.
Progressive applications are based on three whales: JS, HTML, and CSS. They are designed to simplify the user's interaction with the application, thereby stimulating customer loyalty and conversion. The basic principles of PWA are:
• Full adaptability to any "smart" device;
• Native - user convenience above all else;
• Autonomy - the app is updated independently.

So, all the innovative applications promise complete security through HTTPS, the automatic update through the Service Worker API. Most apps do not require installation. Just go to the URL (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Javascript and PHP 7

In programming, there had been two events at once. First, Javascript is still on horseback. Regardless of the stack, most developers use it in their work. Despite the shortcomings of the language, it still continues to improve and remains the most popular in the world.
More than 80% of all sites use PHP. In 2017, PHP 7 was released with a lot of changes, which caused a stir in web development. Here's what's changed:
• Possibility to group import ads;
• Engine exceptions;
• Anonymous classes;
• CSPRNG functions;
• Syntax of Escape code for Unicode.

We can see, that new PHP has increased the performance of sites, so all new users - we recommend that you update!


Trading platform, P2P exchanges, and other digital blockchain products are a new trend. Be prepared to learn Solidity or another smart contract language for creating own cryptocurrency.

One-page websites

Let's return to the user trip. Following the new standards, corresponding to the behavior of users on the site, it was easy to find that people do not really like to run around the pages and search for information on their own. Therefore, web development trends in 2022 will be based on the principle of speed and convenience.

Landing is not a novelty. Any non-programmer has already managed to glue a site in the design constructor for your business or a classmate. But UX makes us think more carefully about the concept of single-page sites and in a couple of years, probably, we will have just been looking at the animation on the screen and nod to those products that we want to buy.


How many times a day do you take the smartphone in your hands? 20 times or 200? That's why all the digital now tries to fit into the screen of your phone. People stopped using computers outside their working time and the development of web apps took a different form.

Adaptive and scalable web applications, like adaptive sites, are becoming "universal" now. You can access any services that connect to the Internet. The best apps try to work without the Internet, but we have not grown enough for this yet.
Now let's turn our attention to the development of graphic design. The visual part of web development has also undergone changes. These changes will finally untie the hands of designers.

Illustrations. Many illustrations

If you have been learning web design 5 years ago or less, you should know the rule "the less design, the better." That's true. We already mentioned this in best web design trends in 2021. But we should not discount the slightly forgotten trend of web design - a large number of photos, forms, fonts and, most importantly, illustrations.

The design was combined with painting, fashion photography, cartoon illustrations and absolutely everything that deserves the attention of the user. Graphics are combined with minimalism, focusing only on the image, reducing the amount of text. it will well affect the user's perception.

Multimedian Longreads

If you are going to place longread on a page with one solid text and a couple of photos, you can forget about it. Today, longreads are a whole representation of animations, pictures, text and icons.

Longread aims to tell the story in short and simple words. So that the user can scroll the page, clinging all the main points of this information and get it in full. For this, we are making less text and more visualization now.


People have been trying to learn to develop fonts on the computer since the days of Steve Jobs, but it turned out very slowly and uncertainly. When animations, illustrations and adaptability were added, the trends of web design have stopped to neglect typography.

The law of a limited number of fonts is still valid, but the variety in use has become bolder. Whereas before we could observe the most simple sans-serif fonts, today the digital typography collections are replenished with new letters.


Making design elements have finally passed from aggressively pointed to rounded shapes. This option is considered to be objective, softer and more pleasant, while the sharp corners of the old interfaces were more oriented to the workflow.

Twitter, and Google have long switched to "soft" interfaces, but only now the design has completely taken the need to round everything up. But the creativity of web designers has not ended there. Now we can see websites with the most diverse forms, directions and figures.

Most sites do not look overloaded due to the correct combination of shapes and the number of colors. Usually, two or three bright colors attract attention, but do not repel.


Changes to the forms of the site's design are primarily related to the new "fuzzy" markup. Now it is difficult to meet fresh designs with a classic layout. Objects on the pages are scattered in a unique order, chaotically or completely move. Here we can see the shortcomings of minimalism as a style.

Alternative design

And no matter how much we like to create trends, the main trend both in the development and in all industries related to the media is uniqueness. In a huge number of web development products, designers no longer follow the pattern rules, but programmers are trying to improve the software. So among the brightest maximalist designs, you can meet here such an outsider for Balenciaga from Bureau Borsche.
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