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02 January 2020

Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Logistics Software 

The central point of differentiation between a conventional business from a contemporary one is a smart choice. The modern businesses are driven by taking a customer-centric approach, while a traditional business model is developed by looking at profitability.

The old-age business models are merely a replica of the previously profitable approaches, while the modern-day businessmen take ample care to bridge the gap between demand and supply. And this is the reason why consumers seem to resonate more with businesses of today in the enterprise oil and gas industry.

One such business with critical business operations - logistics - has been found to ride on the back of massive uptake of ecommerce sales. While ecommerce is a digital boon in itself, the case of consumer satisfaction does not rest just here.

It needs an end-to-end digital approach, ranging from the first mile to the last mile. However, there are still a mass who is yet to explore the high returns potential of a logistics delivery software. A digital business helps you leverage the prowess of data to ameliorate your supply chain and boost the efficiency of your processes

Below are some of the crucial aspects that magnify the importance of a logistics management system for your business that can enable a streamlined logistics management.

Better Visibility Enables Improved Business Operations

When it comes to managing a logistics business, a macroscopic approach can help you gain better insights regarding the number of deliveries fulfilled. However, it is the granular level approach that can aid in comprehending the total number of late deliveries, repeat orders, performance of each driver, total fuel used, etc.

A real-time module integrated into a last mile delivery logistics software can offer consumers the feature to track the drivers and their expected time of arrival. Besides consumers, it will provide better control to your supply chain and eliminate instances of thefts and robberies.

Safeguard your Fuel Expenses with Route Optimization

Did you know?

A significant chunk of a logistics business goes in fuel expenses. Given the growing number of on-roads vehicles (especially transporting in the wine industry), it is imperative that Logistics Company take ample precautions to help their delivery men beat the traffic and complete the task within the designated time.

Route-optimization is one such feature of paramount importance in a logistics software. When the delivery man ventures out to fulfill the assignment, an optimized route is presented by the last mile delivery app to navigate them through the most-effective way with less fuel consumption and traffic.

Enhance the ‘Convenience’ Quo for Customers with Flexible Delivery

Independent families, dual-working households, and demanding lifestyles of the modern-day consumers make it difficult for them to predict their availability at home. With most of the traditional businesses implementing the ‘three’ doorstep deliveries, missing all three of these and going through reordering hassles is a common scenario.

This scenario can be shaped into a better way with the incorporation of a flexible delivery feature. The feature allows consumers to set the delivery time and location as per their preferences. This will, in turn, influence your fuel cost since a single round of delivery is ensured.

Put your Idle Drivers to Effective Use

While the administration of a logistics is a steady business, it takes movement to fulfill the orders. In cases when drivers face difficulties to reach to customers, given the effect of a road mishap or any uncertainty, the traditional logistics approach does not have a backup plan other than the postponement of the delivery, which could degrade the brand identity.

In such uncertain situations, a logistics software can help in tracking the idle drivers and assigning them the incomplete delivery to upkeep the customer satisfaction and trust as is.

Build your Business with a High Focus on Trust Factor

Who doesn’t know at least once instance of forged signature?

In the traditional logistics business, the proof of delivery was based on the signature of the person who received the order. However, environmental implications have been already hitting the logistics industry hard with material concerns and a paper-based evidence is hard to maintain.

This calls for a digital signature-based security. A digital encryption of messages and OTP-based security system ensures the delivery to the right person.

Why the Wait to Develop a Logistics Management Solution isn’t worth it

All-in-all, in order to ensure a happy pool of consumers, it is crucial to ensure simplicity and intuitiveness of the business model. This is how you can achieve a twofer advantage - Drive more consumers as well as stay ahead of the competition curve.

However, in the intensely competitive logistics space, the essence is to leverage the best of time to outperform the new market entrants by developing an efficient delivery tracking management software.

A seamlessly developed logistics app can drive greater experience to consumers, thereby, taking away your retention hassles. Besides having a logistics software development company at your disposal can help you gain better market exposure in the least possible time.

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Noman Shaikh

Noman Shaikh is a Digital Marketing Head at Fixlastmile which is known for developing top-notch last mile delivery System. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.
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