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15 January 2020

A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Choose The Right Software Solution For Your Startup

Companies, in general, and startups especially need to find the right software solutions for their needs. Here, we talk about keeping your company’s activity organized and being able to follow your team’s progress. Also, you might want to make sure your documents are kept safe or you have a clear view of the relationship you have with your clients.

These are just a few key needs we went through and you already have a lot of headaches trying to find out the best solutions for your needs.

Before you even start searching for software solutions, first you need to identify and clearly define your company’s needs. Also, you should go a step further and try to anticipate possible needs you might have later down the road.

Now, let’s take a look at some basic needs a startup has and the solutions that are feasible for these needs.

1. Keep Your Company Organized

According to Kat McCain, HR Specialist at Best Essay Writing “Even if you have a big company or just a startup it’s very important that you keep your company’s activity thoroughly organized. This way, you make sure its efficiency is kept at a good level. Also, a tool that can help you organize your company will also give you a clear view of the workload your employees can handle during a set amount of time. Last, but not least, you can have a clear view of the delivery dates for certain projects.”

A very good and cost-efficient tool you can use to keep your company organized is Trello. Trello helps you organize your company’s departments and prioritize your work in a very neat and user-friendly manner.

You can get rid of the dull spreadsheets that you’ve used up until now to keep your employees organized and keep track of their activity. Services, such as Trello, can do that better, faster, easier, and in a friendlier manner. Welcome to the technology era!

2. Cloud Services For The Win

Still looking to buy computers with 10+ TBs of memory to make sure you can save all the documents and information you need for your company? If so, there’s a possibility you still use a pager and going to working on a steam train. You did really like the 20th century, my friend!

Even if you like it a lot, we are in the 21st century and technology has evolved a lot. According to Andrew White, CTO at an important essay writing service “Nowadays, cloud services are the best method to opt for when looking to keep your company’s documents or information safe. The old hard drive should be used as a second or even third backup”

If you only need basic storage, you can use Google Drive in order to keep your startup’s documents safe.

Another important feature is the fact that everyone inside your company can have access to them. Even if one of your employees is working from home, you just give him a link and he will be able to access and edit it, then use it.

3. Client Relationship Manager

Up until now, we focused on the internal processes of your company, now it’s time to take a look at the external elements of your startup.

According to Ann May, Sales Representative at Essay Writing UK “A very good place to start the analysis is the relationship you have with your clients and the way you are able to keep track of it. Even more important, how do you analyze and interpret your interactions with them.”

Here are a few questions you should find an answer to:

  1. Why do they contact your company instead of contacting your competition?

  2. When they are most likely to actually buy the product or service you are selling?

  3. Why do you have such a low retention rate?

  4. Which channels are the most efficient for you?

A very good tool that can help you get an answer to these questions is SalesForce. You can see each client’s progress along your sales funnel, you can apply questionnaires to your clients and centralize the information. This way, you will have a very visual result which you can easily interpret and act on.

4. Cross-Channel Integration for Your Marketing Campaigns

Another aspect you should hold a firm grip on is marketing. Regardless of the budget you have or the extent of your marketing campaigns, it’s very important to make sure the cross-channel integration of your marketing campaigns is spot on.

You don’t want to communicate one topic on a certain channel and a totally different topic on another channel.

A very good tool to make sure you keep this aspect under control and you are able to integrate your cross-channel marketing campaigns is Buffer.

It is a one-to-many social media tool where you can create and schedule your messages. You create a post, you check all the social media accounts you want to integrate, then schedule it.

Then, the tool will take care of this headache of yours. No time wasted making sure you post on all the channels, no extra effort, no discrepancies between your communication channels.


When you are running a startup, unlike running a big company, you need to keep your costs at bay and make sure your efficiency is spot on. For you to improve the efficiency of your processes is very important that you make use of the best software solutions out there. That’s because, nowadays, technology is key.

Next time you are analyzing your startup’s internal and external processes and you are looking to improve them, make sure you keep the above-mentioned solutions in mind.

Author Bio:

Michael Gorman and his friends are well-known college essay writers within their communities. Apart from helping their communities, they also offer online assignment help for people looking to boost their professional career. When he is not working as a paper writer, he likes to travel around the United States and South America together with his friends. Feel free to contact him via Facebook or check his Twitter.
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