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14 November 2021

Monster Website Clone – How to Create a Job Board like Monster?

Are you looking to do the create job board like monster?
Merehead is a leading software development company. Talk to our experts to get a turn-key solution! Write to an Expert (formerly known as — is the first public website for finding online jobs, which was launched back in 1994. A team of programmers, several years of real time, and millions of investment were required for the creation of this project then. Now you can launch such a site in one day without any programming skills. We’ll tell you how to do it in this article: how to create a clone of the online board quickly and with no programming skills.

Pick your project niche

It’s quite risky to develop a site, where it’s possible to post advertisements seeking employees and vacancies of any specialization. It’s because this project will have to compete directly with Monster, Indeed, and other market giants. It requires a large budget and a team of great programmers and marketers.

It’s a lot easier and more appropriate to launch a niche product, which would work only with vacancies of a certain industry like Hey Marketers, where marketers are looking for jobs, or Dice, where technical experts are seeking employment. The creation of this niche board requires less money ($200 will be enough, but the more the better) and time (a week or a month). It’s a lot easier for such a project to stand out. The main thing is for the niche to meet three requirements:

Choose the website monetization model gets most of the profits from employers, who take out a subscription, which provides the opportunity to post advertisements seeking employees and browse CVs of candidates, who have responded. Subscription prices: $280, $400, and $700 – the more you pay, the more advertisements you can create, and the more CVs you can look through. Apart from that, is also making money on advertising and various additional services.

Here are several monetization options with examples and prices, which you can implement when starting your clone of the website:

Develop a brand of a board

Logos and color schemes of popular websites on searching for online jobs

Choose and buy a domain name. Almost all simple clickbait domain names in popular zones are already taken so you’ll have to choose from what’s available or buy a taken domain. You can check the availability of the domain that you’re interested in on GoDaddy and Launchaco. The price is $10 to $3000 per year. You may buy a taken domain on GoDaddy auction. The price is from $100 to several million dollars and then $10-$50 per year.

Determine the colors. This will help to stand out amongst the competitors and create an eye-catching project image in the users’ heads. You can select an appropriate color scheme with the help of such portals as Adobe Color CC, Colormind, Color Safe, or their analogs. It’s possible to find a beautiful combination of fonts in blogs of designer agencies and marketing agencies.

Develop your company’s logo. It should be something simple, recognizable, and related to the project name or niche. is using its name as a logo now and sometimes it uses an image of a fantasy monster. The logo of HeyMarketers is a hand-operated loudspeaker; the logo of Glassdoor is a vector image of a window frame.

In addition, you are able to create a logo on your own if you have appropriate skills. Or you can hand it to the outsourced designer. Alternatively, you can use such services as Launchaco, Hatchful or Hipster Logo Generator,

Select an approach to the creation of the Monster clone

WordPress. The cheapest approach to the creation of a website for posting vacancies is to use CMS WordPress themes and plugins. It’s a free content management system, which doesn’t require any programming skills or web design skills. You only buy hosting, connect WordPress, and activate the necessary theme; for example, JobMonster, JobEngine, or Jobify. WordPress themes are usually distributed free or for $100-$500.

SaaS solutions. They’re the best option for the creation of the Monster clone if you don’t want to waste your time and effort on purchasing and setting hosting, technical support, and compatibility problems. SaaS provider takes this over and you’ll take care of website content and marketing. The cost of such services is from $10 to several thousand dollars per month. Examples of SaaS providers for launching sites for job search are Strategies, TrueJob, Smartjobboard, and Madgex.

Development from scratch. This is the most expensive and time-consuming approach, but it’s the only way you can not only clone but also create its improved version. People resort to this method when they’re planning to work in highly competitive markets, where even the smallest advantage might be crucial. Besides, it’s the only way you can implement unique features. The cost of website development from scratch depends on complexity. Usually, it’s $10 thous. to $50 thous.

Resolve the traditional «chicken-and-egg» dilemma

All online platforms and boards should solve a classic puzzle: «What came first, the chicken or the egg?». Advertisements and traffic usually are interrelated: no advertisements → no traffic; no traffic → no advertisements; no advertisements → no traffic; and it goes around.

Such sites as or Glassdoor solve this puzzle quite easily: you’re looking for public vacancies and transfer them to your platform. The point is all market models start with the supply regardless of whether they are filled artificially or actually. It was drivers for Uber, developers for TopTal, and short-term rental for Airbnb.

In your case, you should search for vacancies in the chosen niche yourself and add them to your board. The most important thing is to have many advertisements and for them to be relevant at the time of your platform launch. If we consider that usually filling in advertisements takes 15 to 30 minutes, you’ll have to spend about a week on manual filling the site with vacancies.

Develop a marketing strategy

Usually, most of the traffic sources for such sites as are search results and affiliate programs. Social media and other channels take second place unless it’s the main method of communication with the target audience.

You are able to understand what keywords in SEO you should bet on with the help of analysis of your direct competitors’ traffic. As an example, here is the analysis of natural traffic of the WeWorkRemotely website, which is made using Ahref.
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