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06 December 2019

Flat Design vs Material Design

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Do you remember results from our previous comparison flat design VS skeuomorphism and latest web design trends? If no, check it out! Now it is the turn of another comparison - Flat design and Material design. What is better to choose for your digital products?

The History of Flat Design

Skeuomorphism is a detailed, almost exact representation of a product. User interfaces developed very fast; the world has plunged into a flat design style. It is entirely opposite side of design. Absence of details, simplified and faint colors. There are so many who really enjoyed its simplicity, but also a major of those who doesn’t like at all; because some stuff was completely cleaned.

What is the Material Design?

Material design was firstly introduced by Google. Around the material design is more philosophy, principles and ideas. This is primarily an improved and modern flat design. Deep shadows, smooth animation and saturated colors. The contrast of colors is very strong. Some designers call the material design semi-flat, or flat design 2.0. Many artists were using it in prototyping mobile application or website.

The material design was designed to unify all Google products, and combine them with a single, modern form and appearance. Google did it with pretty fast turn-around. Concept that everything starts with paper was exciting. Indeed, so it is. Each designer thinks through and creates his artworks first on paper. Web design, interface design are created with a pencil and paper too.

Material Design or Flat Design?

There is no material design nor flat design among the trends of graphic design in 2020. Why? Pure form uses only Google in their products. All other decided to choose mixes. As we told, the first their goal is to unify all digital products with a single theme. No one thinks about joining its project to Google, right?

Operating system Android (a subsidiary of Google) is built entirely on the principles of material design. iOS users don’t like it very much, primarily because of the color scheme. After all, iOS is much more colorful, in addition, while in trend is still gradients in web design.

Layouts based on the principles of material design is really different. But be careful, this style was popular in 2016 and early 2017. To get the most from your interface design, you should use combinations of different styles. Flat style with gradients. Typography with material style.

Animation in Material Design

The greatest difference between material design and design planes in interactivity. Flat design style is simple, and all kinds of animation enrich the user experience.

Material Design Animation by Balraj Chana.

I hope the article was useful. If you have any questions or need help with web design, I and my team will be happy to help you.
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