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14 November 2021

How to Create E-Commerce App?

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If you want to sell something online, the best way to do it is via mobile app, as most consumers prefer this communication channel. Further in the article we will tell you how to create your own e-Commerce application, what you need for this, and how much it will cost to develop it.

Analysis of the application business idea

The first stage when launching any commercial startup is analyzing a business idea, how much it will be in demand in the market. Such an analysis can be entrusted to a consulting agency or carried out independently using various tools. Here's what you can use to analyze a business idea.

View trends. Using a tool as simple as Google Trends, you can check the development of Internet users' interest in keywords that characterize your business idea. To do this, just enter the name of the niche (for example, Audiobooks) and the region (for example, USA), after which the service will show the dynamics of search activity associated with the selected keyword.

Analysis of the dynamics of search activity associated with audiobooks

Look at the competitors. If your project does not provide for the creation of a new market from scratch, then you can analyze competitors to understand how promising the chosen niche is. Here's how to do it.

Study the demand for Amazon and AliExpress. If you are planning to create e-Commerce startup applications for the sale of a certain category of goods, the demand for them can be checked with the help of large marketplaces. So, on Amazon, popular products fall into the Best Sellers section, on AliExpress, the number of sales is indicated in the product card.

On AliExpress, you can see at a glance how many people bought a product

Use the IdeaCheck service. This is one of the services created specifically for evaluating business ideas. Entrepreneurs indicate in detail what the essence and advantages of their idea are, on the basis of this information, IdeaCheck compose a questionnaire, which is shown to potential audience. The survey results are analyzed and presented to the entrepreneur  in the form of a report.

In its analysis, IdeaCheck will show the willingness to buy your product, its novelty, etc

Seek experts’ advice. Another possible source of useful information is sites such as LinkedIn, Quora, or The Question. Of course, not all of the answers on these platforms will be useful, but these are free tools, and therefore should not be neglected.

Take polls. If you know exactly who your target audience is, you can directly ask them questions about your business idea and application. You can do this through social media surveys and Google Forms, or by using services such as SurveyMonkey.

Business models of e-Commerce projects

At this stage, you must decide on the value proposition of your project and how to monetize it. A value proposition is a simple and clear statement of the benefits that consumers will receive from using or purchasing your app. It depends on the business idea and niche.

A good example of value can be found at Stripe: "Online and Mobile Payments Built for Developers." With the help of one slogan, the payment service makes it clear what kind of product they have and who its target audience is. Another good example from Dollar Shave Club is "A great shave for a few bucks a month." A brand in its value proposition indicated both its product and its target audience and the most significant selling point - a low price.

Mobile apps make money in this way.

Main functions of the mobile application

Main functions and capabilities of the marketplace app. Source

Functions on the user side. A set of possibilities with which the user can solve the problem for which he decided to use your application. For most e-Commerce projects, this is:

Features that improve the user experience. This is all that will help the application you create to stand out from the competition, attract new and retain existing customers. This list usually includes:

Functions on the side of suppliers of goods / services. If you are creating a commercial multi-vendor application that will be used not only by buyers, but also by suppliers of goods and services, then you also need to implement:
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