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27 December 2019

Some Intriguing Statistics that Demonstrate the Way SEO & Search Are Changing 

SEO is changing constantly and digital marketers are having trouble keeping pace with the latest Google search algorithm updates. However, the importance of achieving a top ranking in the Search Engine Results Page continues to be the major motivating factor for digital marketers.

We understand that Google is used to updating its algorithm numerous times every year. It could feel challenging and at times, overwhelming to stay abreast of all those changes and even to know and understand precisely where to devote your time and focus your main attention. We have come up with some of the most intriguing statistics that tell you that SEO is constantly changing and these stats also, assist you in making important digital marketing decisions.

Moreover, as per, in this era of digitalization, SEO continues to be an integral part of online marketing. You simply cannot undermine the pivotal role played by search engine optimization in digital marketing. As per the findings of a study conducted by Experienced Dynamics, a page that is not search engine optimized would lead to a 70 percent loss of potential visitors who would go to other relevant and SEO-optimized sites as compared to yours. This particular statistic alone would tell you precisely how vital it is to get your site search engine optimized if you wish to get a higher SERP ranking and stay way ahead of the rest in this highly-competitive digital landscape.

Google is supposed to be the gatekeeper to humungous amounts of leads and traffic. Search engine optimization is known to open the doors and is an integral element of inbound and social media marketing strategy. Here are a few important SEO-associated stats that reveal how both search and SEO are constantly changing and evolving.

Important Stat #1: Over 11 billion search queries were processed by DuckDuckGo in 2019

DuckDuckGo, one of the popular private search engines provides traffic statistics for specifically its search engine from 2010 on its website thus; you could get a fascinating insight into the growing popularity of modern private search engines. DuckDuckGo had obtained almost 16.5 million queries in 2010 and just in four years that particular figure shot up to 1.9 billion. Since then the search volume of DuckDuckGo has been going up exponentially, reaching 3 billion search queries mark in 2015, and gaining almost six billion search queries in the year 2017. Currently, DuckDuckGo boasts of over 11.7 billion search queries being processed so far in 2019- almost gaining double the number obtained a couple of years back.

Important Stat # 2: Over 90 Percent of Search Processed by Google Properties

Google is currently the undisputed number one search engine in terms of popularity worldwide. Moreover, in the U.S.A. its popularity has grown from just around two-thirds of total search volume to as much as 88.37% of the entire search market during a decade. The Jumpshot data demonstrates the fact that Google’s search share is surely all-encompassing not only because of its search engine but also, because of its highly popular properties such as Google Images, Google Maps, and YouTube. Moreover, if stats were to be believed Google properties seemed to have accounted for over 90 percent of all web searches, this figure went up by almost 1.5 percent from 2015 to 2018. During the same period, we understand that Yahoo and Bing’s joint share of search seemed to have fallen from 7 percent to only 4.6 percent.

Important Stat #3: Google Algorithms Have Been Updated Over 3,000 Times in 2018

Ever since the initial days of SEO, all SEO endeavors were focusing on algorithm updates of Google. SEO experts have always tried their best to stay abreast of all these updates to avoid undesirable penalties. We know that algorithm updates such as Panda, Florida, Penguin, Fred, and Hummingbird have radically transformed website rankings and in certain cases, they have revolutionized entire businesses over time. As per a marketing guru at Moz (social media marketing for small business and big ones too), over 3200 Google’s updates were reported in 2018. This is almost double of 1,653 Google updates that were reported in 2016. Your website could keep pace with all these Google algorithm updates with the help of professional and specialized SEO services. You may get in touch with a reputed online SEO company such as for search engine optimization, boost in rankings, increased traffic, and much-enhanced ROI.

Important Stat #4: Mobile Has Become a New Mode of Search with Over 58% of Overall Search Volume in the U.S.A.

Statistics have shown that ever since the inception of the smartphones, there has been an increase in both search queries and browsing traffic via mobile devices since Internet or Web users have been shifting their online activities to their smartphones and other such mobile devices as compared to desktops. However, the percentage of web activity via these mobile devices would be varying hugely between nations: some nations such as China have web populations who would be using mobile devices predominantly for connecting to the Internet. In 2015, mobile devices got an official acknowledgment when Google admitted that more searches on Google are performed on smartphones and other such mobile devices as compared to computers or desktops in 10 nations including Japan and the United States. As per the findings of a study conducted by Hitwise, mobile attributed to approximately 58 percent of the overall search volume in the U.S.A.

Important Stat# 5: Amazon Has Surely Left Google Behind in Product Search from 2015

To say today that Amazon is a powerful and leading e-commerce site seems to be a gross understatement in the current year. While Google has always been the desired destination for shoppers for initiating product searches online since 2015, currently in 2019 there has been an inclination towards Amazon, as per a report published by Jumpshot. However, we understand that searchers who initiate their product search online on Google seem to be purchasing far more quickly. As per statistics provided by Jumpshot, 35 percent of all Google product searches would culminate in a positive transaction within just 5 days as compared to even less than just 20 percent on Amazon.


Statistics discussed above surely prove that SEO is a fast-changing landscape. You must keep all these critical stats in mind if you wish to chalk out an effective SEO campaign for your business success.
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