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We all use Facebook, Linkedin and other social networks. If you once thought about creating your own social network, then in this project a few key points are important. First you need to start with MVP and get feedback. This will give you food for thought about future functions. Implementation should be at a high level. Users should enjoy using your social network. In addition, you need to develop a strategy for monetization. Integration of payment systems will make your social network profitable and ready for external investment.


The design of a social network is its most important component. The painstaking development of a social network will always return to you with a vengeance. In the growth of the daily audience, and then in monetization. We at Merehead do the design and development of a social network using reliable technologies. Based on our previous experience, we deliver the best solution.

Development Process

The development process begins with the preparation of technical documentation. Our project manager will collect all the necessary information about the project. At this stage we will offer our ideas how to improve your project and make it more interesting for users.
Design. You have a vision of how the project should look, what colors to use. We will collect your preferences and prepare mockups. After full confirmation, we will proceed to the next stage.
Development of HTML page. Our front-end developer will take the mockups and based on the pixel perfect approach will build all the pages. During the development process, responsive design will be taken into account. Your site should look good on all devices.
When the HTML pages are ready, we can implement the back-end part. Using flexible technologies and modern frameworks, we quickly build a social network with the right functions.
Testing. Each module is finished by testing, but it should be noted that we conduct a full testing of the project after coding. This process can take 1-2 weeks.

Our benefits

We have experience in developing a social network. Our project took part in the contest of the best startups in Eastern Europe.
In development, we use only flexible and powerful technologies that provide high speed and safety.
We use the deep experience of UI / UX design. The social network should have convenient navigation and professional design.
We give a guarantee and do everything possible to exceed the expectation of each customer.

Recent projects


Our most complex project, which covered the following functions as infinite scrolling, individual profiles, the ability to share photos, chat in real time on the social network, commenting and of course the event. Each user has the opportunity to create their own event and quickly find themselves friends and companions. A protected and stable system that withstands high load. To help popularize the social network, we have implemented deep integration with Facebook, Twitter and VK.
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