How Much Does a Website Cost?

If you have faced this issue and asked a question to a developing company or a freelancer, you have probably received an evasive response. They are talking about the topic and you are told that it depends on a project...

If you have faced this issue and asked a question to a developing company or a freelancer, you have probably received an evasive response. They are talking about the topic and you are told that it depends on a project. And even if you specify it saying for example ‘e-commerce’, you won’t receive an answer. How come they cannot say that?

For a service provider, it is vitally important to understand what exactly you want, set of features, specification and so on. In an ideal world, any company can give you costs estimation on the project only after a competently made technical assignment, which should be written for at least 20 pages. If you are not a technical specialist, and your project is only on new idea stage, then how could they evaluate costs for development?

Let’s get to grips with websites price formation. Any website cost depends on two components:
Potential number of hours spent for the project. For example, Merehead company makes an e-commerce website within 100-250 hours, depending on its complexity.
Cost of one hour of development. Our cost starts from $20 per hour. Companies in the UK have a rate starting at 80 pounds per hour. A small agency in the US has a rate of $80 per hour.

If the latter paragraph is more clear, then what about the former one? Why do some companies spend a lot of time on development than the others? What does it depend on? For example, here you can find out the average price for restaurant website. This type of website should be responsive, efficient and with conversion optiomization rates.

Just for the start, let’s recollect on what the web development consists of. As you remember, this is not just about the code writing, but also design, testing, terms of references and management. As a result, it turns out that the number of hours spent on the project depends on the number of people involved in (designer, QA-engineer, developer) and their qualifications. For example, in the field of web development it is traditional to have several ranks like the following:
-Intern developer;
-Junior developer;
-Middle developer;
-Senior developer;
-Lead developer.

A qualified specialist works quickly and efficiently. The number of errors tends to zero. Some beginner developers use black development methods:


In order to provide you with the better understanding of what it means in practice, please be noted as to the following. Intern software developer might have a slight experience (about few months). Often it includes the only graduation from a University and projects or assignments implemented for themselves. Lead developer’s experience can go up to 10 years, and he spends much less time-solving problems arose.

Many companies mostly consist of Junior and Middle developers. While at Merehead, we hire people starting with a Middle/Senior level in order to provide the proper quality.  And they all love their work. Additionally, take a closer look at how much does real estate website cost. This industry is still (last 20 year, probably) in top 10 of the most popular industries across the US.


Therefore, It turns out that the cost of a website development depends directly on the service provider company, its personnel, and location (remember that in the US and the UK, the price per hour starts from $ 80). If the contractor company has already faced similar tasks, it will be able to implement the project more quickly. But in this case, for the client it is important to trust the company, and discuss in details all functions. We will happily sign the NDA document to protect your idea.

For summing up, in our company we have a simple formula. 100 hours * $ 20 rate = $ 2000. Of course, the amount may vary, depending on the customer’s preferences and requirements. However, this cost includes time for preparing layouts, static pages, coding, and testing. In other words, the whole development cycle. At the end of the work, you will receive a website that will get more clients.

And how much will be website costs, let’s say for a business? Or a social network? The following list will give you an understanding on price range for different kinds of sites:

Website for your business – from $ 1,200
Social network – from $4,000
SaaS project – from $6,000 and MVP development from $2,000
E-commerce – from $3,000
Bidding project – from $5,000
-If your cherished dream is to launch a next generation social network like Facebook, then the rate is starting from $50,000.

However, if the stated rates are high for your business, we have solutions and can reduce the price. How could this be done? The answer is very simple because it refers to developing a method, and its components. For example, instead of a unique design, we can use a ready-made template, but with a little adaptation. Superficial testing could be done and instead of using powerful framework we will use WordPress or another CMS. In total, the price can be reduced twice, only due to the aforesaid options. For example, the cost of a unique design for a project can range from $500 and higher. But it’s worth noting that we always do internal SEO optimization and responsive design for each website, and of course, web design trends 2018.

Moreover, the cost of the project can be affected by other factors.

Hosting fees. A usual tariff plan for a small site could be from $ 2 to $ 10 per month. If you plan to launch a large project that potentially will have a high attendance, then you should pay attention to using VPS servers. Their cost will be from $ 10 to $ 100 per month. It depends on the provided power of the rented computer.

Domain name. The cost of the domain in the .com zone will cost $ 10 per year.

Costs for other services. As you could see, it depends on the ones you are going to use. For example, MailChimp subscription starts from $10 and up to $199 per month, while Salesforce subscription is a little bit more expensive – it starts from $25 and goes up to $300 per month. As you could notice, a bulk of expenses could be stated here. Our team could help you and give an advice as to the most appropriate services and technologies should be used in your case lowering your budget plan.

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